Black Relationships : ladies, do you care?

I'm very particular about my home. I don't walk about in my house with shoes on...bc your street shoes are unclean. I swear that I cussed my youngest older brother clean out for walking around in MY bathrooms with his shoes on. I don't give a care if it is a guest bath. who the bleep walks around on bathmats in work boots? Men...thats who. lol

it is a very 'male' thing to do. lol
I remember a friend of mine having 20 conniption fits when her husband tracked mud throughout the house. then...had the nerve to look at her as if she was crazy for being upset. She said, 'girl...I could just pop him all upside his damned head.'
and i understand ....things like that just makes your nerves bad....
my husbands neat. the only one who would try me is my brother and I double dog dare him to walk about this house in dirty shoes...then, turn around looking at me like I'm crazy.
I will g/d assault him. lol I notice the overall cleanliness level of a mans home? yes..and I judge him for it. lol

actually...i notice these things with everyone. have another friend who cant keep house and id never walk about in her home without shoes. i keep it to myself...of course. I
I don't judge her for it. its just a I see it.
...and it isn't unfounded. her house isnt clean. you can't walk around without feeling 'things' underfoot. she has the kind of hous where youre almost afraid to sit down.
like you don't know wtf is waiting in the folds of the couch to kill you.

I remember when she called herself going on strike because she was 'so g/d tired of being treated like a maid' by her husband. I was with her in spirit if course but the idea of her cleaning even less did elicit a shudder.

the men that I dated were always orderly and neat. problem there.


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