Black Short Stories : Lacking Details


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Apr 19, 2003
Adelle was always suspicious of her husband’s wandering eye. She would’ve felt better if Richard was looking at other women, but that wasn’t the case. She wanted to confront him, although she lacked the courage to do so. One day, everything would come out in the open. This is the story of how the string of events unfolded.
Adelle went to the general store to pick up a couple of items for the house. On the way back she was thinking about her surprise for Richard. She was going to make his favorite meal- ham, potatoes, and grits. When she opened the door, Adelle got a surprise of her own. She stood in shock momentarily. The paper sack she was carrying crashed to the floor, spilling it contents. Adelle saw Richard in bed with another man! She walked out the house refusing to believe what she just witnessed. Unfortunately, when she returned minutes later, the reality was still the same. Richard and the man had not moved an inch since Adelle walked in on them. Describing them as statuesque would be an over statement!
Richard snapped back to reality. The severity of the situation immediately registered in his brain. He got the man out of the bed and quickly pushed him out the door. He almost slipped on the spilled contents as he was escorted out. Richard tried to explain, but he couldn’t find the words. What could he possibly say to explain what his wife just saw? Adelle sat at a wooden table with her head in her hands. She was shaking her head helplessly, not knowing what to do next.
The next morning Adelle found herself still sitting at the table. She was so emotionally drained that she didn’t realize she had fallen asleep. Adelle still was clueless as to what she would do next. Richard on the other hand, was avoiding Adelle. When he heard her crying from their room, he didn’t even try and comfort her! Matter of fact, he hasn’t spoken one word to his wife. No “I’m sorry”, “Let me explain”, or “This isn’t what you think”…not even some horrible lie!
Adelle busied herself with household chores once she got the strength to get up. She started to prepare lunch. She was going to make collard greens, maccroni, and steak- another favorite meal of Richard’s. Adelle hoped that they could talk over lunch and settle the problem at hand. Richard is sitting on their bed in a daze. He can’t believe that yesterday really happened! He smells the aroma of the food and heads to the kitchen to see what Adelle is making. Hearing Richard’s footsteps, Adelle stops what she is doing and blocks his path. Richard nearly runs into Adelle. She says, “We are going to have a nice lunch and then we will discuss yesterday. We can’t go on as if nothing happened.” Richard didn’t say anything at first. A couple of minutes later he says, “What is there to discuss? you saw everything yesterday.” Adelle doesn’t believe Richard’s audacity. She slams his food down in response to his crude remark. Still not believing what happened five minutes ago, Adelle takes her food to their room. After eating Adelle thinks to herself “I knew all along, why didn’t I confront him sooner?” She knew the answer to that; she’d have to admit that she made a bad choice.

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