Quiet Poetry Lounge : Labored Love


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Forth i stoof in da bliss
and was captured by your present
da warm embrace of your essence
stole my heart and my love
later to find myself laboring
becoming da force of limbo park
waving in da dark of night
searching for thee that's not in sight

Beyond da drunken maze of sexuality
pores open a liquid vent
my love struggle to find openings
i cuddle my mental thoughts of u
stilt it's beauty within i glance to see
only a whip and tongue lash , beaten
laboring in da spoof of what is
my only way is out for i've grown
ole , weary and tired

My hands display blisters
my feet numb as frosten bites
strip of my love as it labor in your helms
i can't see past morrow
soon i fall into my slumber and dreameth
my nightengal riding on lace'd & hope
and i awaken to not find u their again
must i labor so as my love cry in vain
another night alone my bed become cold .


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