Black Poetry : elevated verse

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    L.I.F.E .......(elevated verse)

    Endless bars and endless rhymes after/
    Still it`s like nothing else matters/
    Besides the bling bling, the girls and the rides/
    Behind poor emceein' is where ignorance hides/
    Grown men, and women too, talk about how to keep it real/
    Yet they keep adding to the ever spinning fraudulant wheel/
    It spins going round and round/
    Emittin a high pitched sound/
    Heard by the children of today/
    By it, they`re being led astray/
    Why can`t we change their ways?/
    Why can`t we contribute to better days?/
    It`s weird how Will Smith can make millions when not givin' into the game/
    And at the same time, Cash Money makes millions off their shame/
    Showing to the world their lack of respect/
    Their role in the community they neglect/
    Teeth shinnin' in the sun as it hits the "platinum fangs"/
    Lil boys rhymin' bout trivial thangs/
    Can`t be viewed as men yet when they spew such nonsense/
    No wonder why today`s youth are so dense/
    The radio and the TV raise these kids/
    They rob them of their common sense and their wits/
    We must do something to change this trend/
    We must be aware of the messages we send/
    Copywritten and trademarked for all to hear/
    That today`s media is somethin' we must fear/
    Poisonin' our minds, our hearts, our souls/
    Strippin' the youth of their dignity, their humility, their goals/
    Elevating their minds will now be a tedious chore/
    For how can you tell them that life`s about much more/
    Then the glitter and the gold they see on their favorite star/
    How do you teach them that they must raise the bar/
    On their standards of who an idol should be/
    Oh, what can we do to take away thier blindness and have them see?/
    Life is about love, empathy and charity,/
    Intrinsic morality, future aspirations and intigrity/
    Friendship, good sportsmanship and a respectful attitude/
    Elevate your mind to a new latitude.
    Read the first letter of the preceeding four lines/
    Then you`ll know for what a true man dies/
    To yourself be true, and to others be a light/
    Understand that deception, and evil always lose the fight!!

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    flow on feelin ya vibe
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    yesssssssss we gotta save the children from this cycle of ignorance its time for the responsible people to speak up and take a stance.....tyte piece.....demcantstopwe.....nuffrespect
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    Thank you, thank you...u make me feel at home...can u tell what songs I was listenin to when i composed this next piece??

    The sun rises and sets, everyday without fail,
    But in every ghetto, its rays dim with every siren’s wail.
    They say a rose can grow from concrete/
    In spite of the negativity and the heat/
    I cannot believe in such an event taking place/
    Not when youths are layin in a casket with a somber face/
    It ain’t realistic for me to have hope in a world so dim/
    I cannot see that cloud’s gold trim/
    What happened to the innocence of the young/
    Why do they walk about with heads hung/
    A man used to stand tall and proud/
    Now it’s his “ice” or “hoe” that announces his presence out loud/
    The whole world’s future lying in nimble minds and influential personalities/
    But who can they rely on to teach them their responsibilities/
    I’m calling the kettle black, preaching ‘bout what must be done/
    I’ve yet to lay down my teachings to a young one/
    But you and I, brother and sister, friend and foe/
    Must let the wisdom of the ages start to flow/
    Let it trickle to the masses/
    Take off those rose-tinted glasses/
    See the evil abyss for the colour it is/
    Make extinct the saying “Ignorance is bliss”/
    With a snake’s hiss, with the strength of a serpent’s venom/
    It’s the evil corruption that’s overwhelmin’ ‘em/
    The future’s light is dimming like the setting of the moon/
    Brainwashin’ teaching them to praise a tycoon/
    Before the One Up High, priorities messed up and jumbled/
    Are basic morals to be left broken and crumbled?/
    Time to unite in the ONLY cause/
    Before humanity is reduced to a pause/
    Nowhere left to go when the Earth is depleted so/
    With nowhere but down left to go/
    Make your footsteps imprint wit the weight of ur intelligence on ur back/
    Start to shed prejudice so that intolerance and stupidity is something u lack/
    “Dem a murdera” it’s been known and publicized/
    Still ain’t no one recognized/
    “Dem a vampire”, it’s been sung and “seen”/
    Still people have to be tested to keep clean/
    Teach a man to fish so he can take care of his own/
    But never expect him to go the journey alone/
    Ain’t no sunshine when Justice is gone,/
    The sun has never rightly shone/
    When she is away/
    Ain’t no sunshine when we let criminals rule the day/
    It’s not warm when we strive for an equality that is constantly out of grasp/
    Wonder this time if we can measure up to the task/
    Can we unite in equality, justice and peace/
    What must one do? Beg and plead for u all to PLEASE/
    ****in wit death gonna get u in a casket, no frontin/
    Lights, camera, action/
    Bring back the love and compassion/
    Follow the caravan, follow the crowd that’s awakening/
    Be aware of what you’re putting out there, what stuff you be perpetrating/
    Remember it takes one voice to make the message heard/
    Everyone waiting for someone else to spread tha word/
    Somebody, anybody, but never yourself/
    Priorities all messed up; truth coming only after accumulation of wealth/
    Omitting education, spiritually and richness of character/
    Neglecting such things as manners, never making it a factor/(said fact-er)
    Sportin the newest vices that the devil has to offer/
    Intellectual stimulation is something with which we can no longer bother/
    “Bustin caps,” making money and copin ice, is what we about now/
    Interesting how we wonder how’d evil get on tha prowl/
    Laughing in the face of religion and righteousness/
    Implying that we’re above all that nonsense/
    Talkin bout how “yea, in God we trust”/
    Yet, very quick to call a shawty so you can bust/
    A nut -- almost wut we be when we ignore life’s basic doctrine/
    I’m coming simple at you, no word play, just an acronym/
    I’ma ask you to go 17 lines up and start at the letter R/
    Then work your way down reading the letter at the beginning of every bar/
    Until you get to the ‘Y’ – now do you understand, now do you see/
    Why it is not just up to him, her, them, you or me/
    It’s about US, our RESPONSIBILITY to one another/
    To life, to our sister, brother, father and mother/
    Only as a union can we gather the strength, the power/
    To rebuild this world back up into the highest tower/
    Seen all over the Universe as the beacon of light/
    The symbol of what is true and right!