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Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth

time for u rappers to take off the mask again
from one to ten we pass to ten
bumpin dead prez cause im a African

i'm naughty by nature
raunchy by nature
40 by nature
ya'll corny by nature

meaning all of ya'll naturally wack
and i'm naturally dope like coke before crack

but really

i'm more like the weed in this rap
and these new jacks r more like the seeds in this rap

i don't need to react
i don't even need to reach for the gat

i can c how u speak and u act

you'll be layin in the ground in 5 days
if this was the 1700's u'd be my slave

if this was 10,000 b.c. u'd be livin in my cave
i'm bringin new meaning to the term i'm saved

I'm like a mountain man un shaved
walk thru ice and fire un skived

I'm livin proof that u get betta wit ya age

Hip Hop is a journal
I'm turnin the page

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