Black People Politics : Kristen Welker made all Black women proud tonight


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Jan 30, 2020
Kristen Welker, you did a fantastic job !

You tried to reign in President Trump who rambled, repeated himself and kept returning to debunked lies and smears against the former Vice President.

All Trump did during the last debate is continue besmirching the life and accomplishments of Joe Biden. Trump simply terribly misrepresenting Biden's positions.

It is quite comical that Trump believes it's unfair for citizens call him on his failures. But he has no problem claiming the successes of Barack Obama and Biden are somehow, his.

He never had a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. He still has no plan to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, which is about to get worse.

Oh, and all the wonder medicines and the vaccines Pence and Trump keep going on about? No vaccine until the second and third quarters of 2021, according to the head of the CDC.
you sure she is black ??????

Welker is the daughter of Harvey and Julie Welker. Her father is an engineer, her mother a real estate agent. Welker's father is white and her mother is black. She graduated from Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia in 1994 and Harvard College with a Bachelor of Arts in 1998.
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I heard this complaint from many Black men, James. Believe it or not, the males who complained the most were White Trump supporters.

Here is my reply, but it is not directed at you:

I will never believe it is up to anyone, particularly Black men, to determine if someone is a member of our race, what they should be labeled and the limits of their achievements.

If I were to label dudes who do this insecure misogynists totally afraid of strong and intelligent women, would that be a lie? Because Theroot dot com, one of the most esteemed Black awareness websites of Black American life, labeled Kristen “Black.”

It must upset some that a woman with mixed parentage is called Black. I wonder if it somehow diminishes them. Because if it does not, then why do they grouse about it so much?

I choose my own friends and it’s usually based on a belief they want me and those associated with me to do well. I’m an older guy now. Like most seniors, I want to live a decent life for as long as I can.

I would prefer those younger to surpass me, survive police brutality, open a business that thrives or go to school to get a degree or learn a trade that enables a great living.

Kristen can be whatever she wants to be. To me, she is an a great TV journalist who asked questions that most wanted answers to. I’ll let others debate her heritage. But I will always believe she did Black and all other women proud as a moderator.
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