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    Tell me beloved, why is it that some Black folks despise my dear sister Kola Boof so much, as I have observe her talk, it come from the Circle of Truth and not with a straight forked tongue of Lies, a tongue in a hurry to demean a sister that speak the Truth about Black Folks enemies that cause our oppression.

    Is it out of fear, ego, and vain Jealousy that some Black folks attempt to poke fun at the Truth coming from somebody the master has forbidden us from graciating with honor and respect and could it be with some of us that here is a Black Afrikan woman that speak not with a forked tongue when pointing out the Enemies of Black Folks, have I not told you that there are none others that is despise more than Black people upon this Planet call Earth ?

    I say to you who are committed to attempt to belittle my dear sister Kola, will you come forward and challenge what Kola says by looking her in her eyes, if not, then the wise thing to do is to be quite and allow Truth run its course, which run into Infinity, but a Lie, it run into a dead end at every lying line path it travel has an end.

    What Black folks need to be doing is struggling to find the answer of why, to the statement made by Kola about those that despise us and they include everybody upon this planet, so rather than entertain the question WHY, we rather make fun at that Truth, which imply that such Truth is not taken serious by a disturbed Mind located among Black people, a disturbance that demand that Black Folks despise the Truth and embrace the Lie, when it come to Black people and our status in the World and why our condition in the world is of such pain and discomfort.

    Hell, you need proof that what Kola has said about who constitute our enemy and is always at work to keep our Black behind down, ignorant, and psychotic, is True, and who it is that play a major role in maintaing such a status and us receiving disrespect in the world, caused by others in the world, then go and run, run, and fetch your mirror and see the proof of what Kola says about Black Folks, whose condition and status prove the fact that everybody despise Black people, hell, we even despise ourselves, but this quality of Truth does the Willie Lynch Negro Afrikan despise and attempt to hide our fear of the Truth by poking Fun at the one that come bearing the Truth about Black Folks and our status in the world.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder

    otitigbe <[email protected]> wrote:
    It is very sad indeed. The race of rulers in Africa belongs to a race of traitors. The Yoruba have a saying “Odale a bale lo”.

    Kola Boof says Osama loves drinking black coffee!!!!!
    This is a very true talk. Not even blacks like each other, if you doubt me visit Africa and see how rulers improverish their OWN people.

    imodoye05 <[email protected]> wrote:
    -"I want blacks in America to understand that the "Arab" is
    just as much of a Satan as the White man. To me, the Arab man is
    more Satanic than the White man. No race likes black people--not
    Arabs, Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, Mulattoes--nobody likes blacks.
    Black Americans need to look at the recent massacre of Black
    Sudanese in a public park in Egypt and get a clue." Kola Boof

    > Oghoerore:
    > you will send me a cheque, when you visit kolaboof website. if you
    > look carefully, you will never bored least for
    > tonight, Imodoye wouldnt have to make you laugh....
    > Akin Kumoluyi.
    > PS: Chucks, you are not allowed to visit the website!!!!!!!
    > "otitigbe"
    > wrote:
    > >
    > > Akin.
    > > Thank you for this mail. Lil Joe and Adaoma will soon label this
    > note an
    > > imperialist contribution.
    > > Oghoerore
    > >
    > >

    > > Subject: Kola Boof says Osama loves drinking
    > > coffee!!!!!
    > >
    > >
    > > fyi:
    > > Kola Boof claims she was Osama' shag bag and that the terror
    > was
    > > loves Whitney Houston....
    > >
    > >
    > > courtesy of
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > An Interview With Osama Bin Laden's Former African Mistress
    > > Bruce Dunne of The Post Journal interviews Kola Boof about her
    > > released autobiography.
    > >
    > > Kola Boof
    > > New York, NY ( - The author of six books published
    > > eight countries, Kola Boof is not only Sudan's top selling
    > novelist, but
    > > in 1996, was the mistress of Osama Bin Laden.....a fact that
    > jeopardized
    > > her American citizenship four years ago, until Morocco's Prince
    > > Fabrizzio Ruspolli confirmed Boof's claim that she had been held
    > against
    > > her will by Bin Laden at Ruspoli's estate for sexual purposes.
    > > In her memoir, Diary of a Lost Girl, coming Feb. 1st in hardcover
    > > (0-9712019-8-6), Boof reveals a side of the terror chief that's
    > never
    > > been explored before. In a telephone interview, I learned a few
    > things
    > > that I never expected to find out...such as where he's been
    > hiding.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: Where is Bin Laden?
    > > KOLA BOOF: Well, about eighteen months ago he was in South
    > Waziristan,
    > > the Toba Kakar Mountains in Pakistan. It's the state of
    > Baluchistan. I
    > > mean, that's going by the authorities. I personally haven't
    > to
    > > him since 1998.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: What do you think of the recent rumors that Bin
    > is
    > > dead?
    > > KOLA BOOF: Well, they're just that--rumors.
    > >
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: You say you lived with Bin Laden for six months in
    > 1996,
    > > and I'll be asking you some very tough questions about that in a
    > moment,
    > > but what was he like back then?
    > > KOLA BOOF: Well, he's extremely complex. I thought of him as a
    > very rich
    > > gangbanger--he wasn't hiding in caves, although I don't know
    > he did
    > > when he wasn't in Morocco.
    > > Of course, he's evil, and that's what people want to hear....but
    > he also
    > > believes that he's saving the world by forcing everyone to
    > to
    > > Islam and to Arabism. Osama is a gifted poet, he was very
    > softspoken and
    > > sensitive--but also violent....he beat me, and he was tyrannical
    > towards
    > > his men and embarrassed about sex......but addicted to it.
    > I'm
    > > black and wasn't Muslim at that time, he considered me a "non-
    > woman". A
    > > piece of meat for men to wipe their sins off on.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: Peter Bergen, a biographer of Bin Laden, has called
    > you
    > > delusional. He says that Osama Bin Laden was never in Morocco in
    > > 1996--in fact, I believe he claims that Bin Laden has never been
    > > Morocco period.
    > > KOLA BOOF: Peter Bergen doesn't know what the hell he's talking
    > about,
    > > but I'm sure that the media would take the word of a white man
    > who's
    > > never met Osama against the word of a Black woman who used to
    > share his
    > > bed.
    > > The fact is...Osama Bin Laden was in Morocco in 1996, he was in
    > > Afghanistan, he lived in Sudan, he went to Ethiopia, Tanzania
    > Egypt
    > > that year. He went to Iran for a wedding. Peter Bergen and none
    > these
    > > know-it-all white men know a damned thing about where Osama
    > was...if
    > > they did...the U.S. government would have been able to find
    > back
    > > in 1996. So don't listen to the Arabs and the White men.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: Peter Bergen says that Bin Laden is a chronic
    > > prayer...praying ten or twelve times a day.
    > > KOLA BOOF: That wasn't true in 1996. Osama prayed on Tuesdays and
    > > Thursdays like that...all day Tuesday and Thursday, but not
    > everyday.
    > > Bergen never lived with Osama. He's going by heresay.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: He raped you the first night you met. How did you
    > meet and
    > > how did you become his captive?
    > > KOLA BOOF: We met in a restaurant in Marrakech. I was there with
    > my date
    > > and Osama came in with his men and ordered me over to his table.
    > They
    > > escorted my date out of the restaurant and I never saw him
    > Osama
    > > chatted with me for a few minutes, and then later that night, he
    > came to
    > > my hotel room with his men and he raped me very violently. And
    > then a
    > > few days after that, his men arrived again at my hotel...only
    > time
    > > to fetch me and my belongings. They took me to the Medina, La
    > Maison
    > > Arabe, and I was kept there in the Winston Churchill room for six
    > > months. Osama came to the estate off and on, about four out of
    > those six
    > > months total. He had sex with me and I accompanied him and his
    > on
    > > hunting expeditions and fishing trips. I got to know a lot of his
    > > friends, such as his doctor Ayman al-Zawahiri.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: You say that you're annoyed by American women who
    > complain
    > > that you don't act like a rape victim.
    > > KOLA BOOF: It was ten years ago that Bin Laden raped me. I can't
    > imagine
    > > why I should be crying and acting emotional. Of course it was
    > terrible
    > > being raped...but I had to survive and that meant I had to
    > to
    > > like the man. There was no time for whining..and in writing the
    > book,
    > > there's no time for feminist theatrics. He raped me the first
    > night and
    > > we became lovers, because I had to survive.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: Most people definitely haven't read your novels and
    > > poems--they don't know that you're Sudan's most published
    > > writer--you say that it's because you're so intelligent that Bin
    > Laden
    > > was attracted to you.
    > > KOLA BOOF: Osama's mother was like a feminist, she refused to
    > a
    > > burka, two or three of Bin Laden's wives are University
    > Professors. I
    > > don't see why that's so hard for Americans to believe. They think
    > > because they've never heard of me or because my name sounds
    > comical to
    > > them that I'm just a bimbo. And stupid. When they see that I'm
    > black,
    > > they tack on "liar".
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: I have to admit I loved your autobiography, but do
    > > really believe that you know more about Bin Laden than his
    > > KOLA BOOF: Well in any's the MAIDS and the "Whores"
    > who
    > > know the most. Trust me.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: Bin Laden's been rumored to have suffered from
    > > problems. Can you tell us anything about that?
    > > KOLA BOOF: I'd rather people buy the book, so they can read
    > his
    > > health difficulties in detail. An interview isn't the proper...
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: You say that you're a liberal Democrat, but you're
    > very
    > > supportive of President Bush's war on terrorism. Is that
    > > KOLA BOOF: I'm not interested in President Bush in the least,
    > yes,
    > > I'm a liberal Democrat...but I'm also a person who comes from
    > Arab
    > > world and I can tell you that I was raised in Sudanese
    > school
    > > to believe that America is Satan's country, that White men
    are "the
    > > devil" and to strap a bomb on my back and blow up innocent
    > at the
    > > post office in the name of Allah....and look at this idiot
    > president in
    > > Iran. I want blacks in America to understand that the "Arab" is
    > just as
    > > much of a Satan as the White man. To me, the Arab man is more
    > Satanic
    > > than the White man. No race likes black people--not Arabs,
    > Caucasians,
    > > Asians, Latinos, Mulattoes--nobody likes blacks. Black Americans
    > need to
    > > look at the recent massacre of Black Sudanese in a public park
    > Egypt
    > > and get a clue. You have to be sensible about terrorism, and I
    > think
    > > that Americans are way too spoiled, too rich and comfortable.
    > like
    > > to fancy themselves as fair people....but it's the relaxed, fair
    > ones
    > > that die of poisoned drinking water while listening to their
    > > Streisand records, although I'm a huge Streisand fan myself.
    > > I advise Americans to question their government's tactics,
    > but
    > > when it comes to Arab Muslim Imperialism and terrorism, support
    > your
    > > government. There is corruption in every world government....but
    > none
    > > are more corrupt than the governments of the Arab world, and
    > is
    > > Kola Boof's experience as a half-Arab, Black African woman, and
    > > opinion is just as important any other American's.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: Who despises you the most? Arab Muslim leaders, the
    > Nation
    > > of Islam, American media, Black American men or Bin Laden
    > > KOLA BOOF: I don't know.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: In 2004, you were able to secure about six hundred
    > million
    > > dollars worth of guns and ammunition for Sudan's south rebel
    > by
    > > giving a rather powerful speech in Israel. You were also
    > on
    > > Benjamin Netanyahu's web site. What exactly are your connections
    > > Israel or the SPLA's for that matter?
    > > KOLA BOOF: Israelis and the South Sudanese are nothing alike,
    > we
    > > share a common enemy, a very common struggle. If it weren't for
    > Israel
    > > we wouldn't have had food or medicine or weapons to defend our
    > children
    > > in the South Sudan. We had no other offering of help. And, of
    > course, as
    > > a member of the SPLA, I had to work very closely with the
    > on
    > > behalf of my people. I would do anything for Africa.
    > > BRUCE DUNNE: Very recently, with the James Frey scandal and the
    > debates
    > > about the integrity of memoir nowadays, how do we know that your
    > book
    > > isn't a pack of lies, just another fabulous scheme to further
    > own
    > > writing career by getting rich off Bin Laden's name?
    > > KOLA BOOF: You don't know. But the fact book is true
    > none
    > > of it is fabricated, and for those who think otherwise, I really
    > don't
    > > give a ****. This is my life story, my soul book. As Mary J.
    > > sings....'you can hate it or love it".
    > >
    > > (*To reprint this article, contact Bruce Dunne: [email protected])
    > >
    > > Diary of a Lost Girl: The Autobiography of Kola Boof (0-9712019-
    > 6), is
    > > available in hardcover on Feb. 1st
    > >
    > > Robert Wright
    > > Door of Kush Books and Music
    > > 909-595-6273
    > > [email protected]
    > >


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    Sistah Kola Boof (also my Dearest Sistah) is a very Powerful Afrikan Woman. She has managed to reach the point of being in a class all by herself. Also, let me ask this before I go on:

    Chief Elder - How many of those Black folks have read her Autobiography, understood who she is and where she comes from, what she represents, and managed to place themselves in her shoes?

    Honestly Chief Elder, not very many people can understand a person like Sistah Kola (or 'Naima,' if she doesn't mind) I completed reading her Book a while back, and I don't exactly remember the events page-by-page, but I know she mentioned how at one time, people denied the fact that she even existed! How would you like to live a hellish life, and then come to another country to find out that the people (especially in the Media) consider you as "non-existent?" That is just a tiny bit of what she went through, and I guarantee you that not many people would survive living the lifestyle that she has had to live.

    Back to the Topic Sentence (Which I considered an 'Adressable Question).

    As I said, Naima (Kola Boof) is in a class all by herself. As I was reading the Book [at the time] I started to sense alot of things. One of them was some people might vomit while reading it. Some might get angry, face sleeping problems, SURELY not get some of the events in the Book/Kola's life not off their minds for a very long time; it is a very Powerful read.

    On that note, I will not spoil it for those who have not read the Autobiography yet, and who plan to read it. I will let them see it for themselves. However, I will recommend reading it, because one thing that upsets me is the fact that all of these people 'despise' Sistah Kola, but they all get their information about her from the same people who collectively attempted to 'ruin her reputation!' Then the deep thing about it is - even THEY (reputation-killers) don't know Kola's full story! But as I said, they can read it, and find out for themselves.

    As for me, I read the Book, had the chance to converse with Sistah Kola, and will keep all other thoughts on her to myself.

    BTW - I seen your name listed in the Autobiography Chief Elder...:welldone: I am glad that you made an impact [someway, somehow] on her life, for her to mention you!

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    Beloved you have spoken very wisely and it please me to know that there are some of us that Recognize Truth when we See and hear it and do not choose to focus on that we dislike about that Dynamic Sister but on what she portray as a Strong Beautiful Black Afrikan Woman, afraid not to speak her Mind in the way she so choose.

    here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder