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    Update on Knoxville College. I spoke with the Director on Saturday, June 24, 2006 in Memphis. The current 800 and email id for admission is not working properly at the momemt. I have updated my blog in the link below with information on the telephone number, email address that you can use to contact them. I also have the application included in the blog. They will take applications until 2 weeks prior to Fall admission which is on 9/10/06.

    This is a great opportunity for that student that really wants to go to college and obtain a career through it's work program. Knoxville College is currently not accredited, but the Work Program is excellent and legitimate, which I explain on my blog. The students will be placed in a place of employment after they graduate and they will be debt-free. They are working on their accreditation.

    Please note that the student must have a high school diploma or GED.
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    Why Knoxville College?

    Many individuals ask the question why would you send your child to an unaccrediated school, what purpose does it serve?

    I ask the following question: If a child has the opportunity to better himself and bring about a positive change and not go into the criminal justice system or become a statistics, which would you prefer? I prefer Knoxville College.

    For those who may not, Knoxville College was once an accreditated striving Historical Black College (HBCU), but currently is suffering and trying to get back on it feets. Knoxville College has created the only work program in the country, that allows students whom normally wouldn't get accepted in a college/university and sometimes certain workforce a second chance to make it in life.

    With the above, I urge you to seriously look at that student/kid in your community that really wants the chance to improve his ciricumstances and offer him/her the chance to consider Knoxville College as a choice.

    Guys, Knoxville College can get it accediation if "we work" toward bringing it back to them. The program they have is legit and it not for show. They are truly trying to build the college back up. There have been a lot of "greats' to received their degree from Knoxville College and still will.

    Just think, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste, will you lean out a hand and help someone?

    Currently they are still accepting applications for Fall term.