Black People : Knowledge is but an extension

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    Knowledge is but an extension of "the center" that all that actually is unfolds from into "its" being... Walk "the walk", with knowledge of fear and therefore without fear in other words and know "the center" that all manafestations, manafest from, into being, by knowing oneself that all is...inter-connected through and into. Truly, God already is the "all" living from within...all, and all at once. As all truths can truly be denied but the pre-existent one that is forever ever-presently living from within, all, at once... Know "the ways", the life-actual ways of the all-knowing and you too will learn to actually know knowledge its' self... And then the never-ending soul's purpose into God ones ever-present self is in fact...being served, life-actually. The truth to God's ever-presence is order and therefore Divine Order... The only question (answered) to mind creating reality is, is it order (God's Divine order) or egotisitical disorder as the ruler? As "the answer" determines ones level of thought, ones...every-day. I say, "I Am" is no more than egotistical foolishness, in actuality, no matter the form... I say, the school that actually counts, that actually defines, that actually identifies is eternally/internally forever here and now. ....True knowledge, in its current inevitable flow, in its very essence. Kevin D. Ervin 2007 c.