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Oct 13, 2006
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Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow.

We live in a very interesting time. A Time when knowledge of all sorts is distributed at the highest speeds imaginable. But without understanding knowledge is only data, meaningless. Therefore, the power of knowledge is not within knowledge itself, but it's precise application.

It's amazing how convinced we become based upon knowledge verses understanding. It's amazing how many of us swear to truths that have no tangible usage in the real world. "The real world" being that place where we can create our reality without opposition. IE- this is not the real world.

I will go even further than that. I will as far as to say we are ignorant by design. What we believe or do not believe is intentional. There are things we appropriately hide from ourselves, and things we allow to be revealed when our minds have matured enough.

We may not fully understand where the waste we flush down the toilet goes.
But we expect it to go somewhere, because this is how toilets are supposed to work. That we know. We may not fully understand how the air conditioner works, or the refrigerator. But we expect things to be kept cold inside, despite the 90 degree weather outside. That we know.

We know that entering in a screen name and password grants us certain abilities in this forum, while we may not fully understand why that works- at least we know it works. It should work. Hasn't it always worked? Is this not part of the design?

It is often said that reading is fundamental. But the truth is even "reading" is a poor skill without understanding. Reading should not only pertain to our ability to decipher glyphs or symbols on a page, but the overall reading of pattens in life. It appears however we are all illiterate to some degree, that is- when we are unable to "read" the signs and messages within our reality.

It is clear that different minds and different people read into things differently.
But we all guided somehow by an inner knowing. That knowing is based on a design we hold on to as the most intimate part of ourselves. To step outside of that design, might compromise our spiritual and mental identity.

We may not need to know where the waste we flush down the toilet really goes, unless it relates somehow to our design. We have an internet full of information, if we want to know we can research and study.

But a deep inner knowing of how things work and why they work comes from long continuous life times of understanding- which is the result of experience.
We know things work because other beings have a vested interest in seeing them work as designed.

This is also where we are deceived.

Just as well, there are beings who have a vested interest in seeing things that don't work out at all. And in making sure we are kept in the "light" about certain things. Why? Because if our minds were made aware, through our "knowing" we would start to manipulate the destiny of those things, simply with the power of our minds. Which is why it is much better to keep us in the light, than in the dark.

No differently than the Husband that prevents his Wife from knowing certain things. She knows, but she does not know the truth. She is fed the story about being the loving Mother and mate. She cooks, she keeps the house clean, she goes to Church, she sings in the choir.

Through her "knowing" she creates a design of how she expects her life to perform. She knows she has a loving Husband who cares and provides a life for her and her children. She knows she dropped out of college to dedicate herself to his business, and eventually the the raising of their offspring. She knows life is hard, but she also knows they have the power to make it. She knows her Husband works long hours and takes trips out of town. She knows he's a romantic and sends her flowers and candy every Friday evening.

What she doesn't know is that her Husband was fired from his job months ago and cashed in his 401K and Life Insurance policy for money to run the family. What she doesn't know is that he has 2 children outside of the marriage. What she doesn't know is that three females have threatened to break up his happy home several times.

And what he doesn't know is one day one of these females will succeed. And this so-called "happy life" will be flushed down the toilet. Now here's a good reason why it is so important to understand where that toilet waste goes in the first place.

This "Wife" is not a unique symbol within our episode of reality. The religious, the spiritual, the political- all us can fall within the mind frame of this Wife. If we blind enough never to pay attention, then perhaps we have created a design that we are afraid to pull away from.

Signs of the truth are always around us, we are the ones who pretend not to see them. Perhaps we are afraid that seeing something will rip us away from our core destiny. Like if a purple Unicorn busted into the room right now, turned around and disappeared- acknowledging it might be responsible for reshaping our perspective. A perspective we might hold on too, despite all it's failures to lead us to the truth.

We are the sum total of where we have looked to confirm that inner knowing.
How far have you looked? How much have you been willing to experience in order to taste it?

There is something that you know, so deep within your being, maybe you don't really understand why you know it. And perhaps that knowing is the only reason you are still alive. Do not look for others to confirm something that is obviously too strong to be denied.

That energy is within us on purpose, to drive us towards "the real world" a place where no one and no thing can oppose what we create.

It is within our power to know.
Still- knowing is only "half" the battle...
The truth will resemble something you once caught a glimpse of, but were unable at that time to put into full perspective or reasoning. It's like that shadowy image right in the corner of your eye, that when you speed your head around trying to capture it, disappears without a trace. The deal is-

you "know" it was there. You can't prove it, no. But you know it was there.

And this is why most people will exclaim "I knew it!!" when something is revealed to them finally. Because this something has come into fruition, it has proven to them that they were on the right path.

But what would happen if we didn't need these confirmations? What would happen if we could just take that inner knowing for what it is, and that nothing else is required?

What type of world we would live in if we didn't need Books and professionals to tell us what we already Know?

Do I smell the hint of a Utopia?

What did our Ancients mean with the term "know thy self" is that not a direct instruction for us to open ourselves up to our inner knowing and voice?
What does the "self" tell us?

Perhaps it tells the Wife that the Husband is cheating but she decides to ignore it. Not realizing that by ignoring the self-the truth within, we actually create our own suffering.

But perhaps the "self" or our instincts know allot more than we give it credit. Not only does it know where you left your keys, but it also knows what your "key" is, your key to everything- and what separates you from the collective. It knows and "understands" all the variables and relationships that have made you what you are right now.

The self is aware of your design. It knows why you will always choose one particular type of beverage over the others, and why certain types of people make you laugh for some reason even when they aren't saying anything funny. It knows all your defense tactics, and why some little things for most people are really big things for you.

The self doesn't need us to confirm or deny what it already knows. It is impossible to lie to your - self. The self knows underneath all that we call adult we are children looking for playmates, good heavy meals, Mommies and Daddies- or, some of us just need to be changed.

Now let's direct same idea towards some of today's current events.
What does the self know about those things? If we are talking about life on other planets or Aliens the Self knows there are problem solvers operating beneath everything. It knows there are always more intelligent powers beyond the realm of the conscious mind- going about creating and doing. And every now and then, these beings of consciousness do reveal themselves.

Life and death might be serious of us, but the Self sits back and eats some popcorn watching the whole thing. Entertained not by the new twists and turns, but by the fact that everything is still so predictable.

Whatever it is that we are or decide to be, we have always been in fear of our opposite.

Afraid that our opposing force will grow powerful and gobble us up. This concept is as primitive as grass growing and rain falling.

But our deepest inner knowing will lead us to such things if we listen. It will lead us to a very passionate relationship with all things kept "in the dark."
The truth is there. The lies and the deception are out here, within the light.

We should challenge our knowing. Challenge what we believe is real or a lie.
Step outside the box of our own reasoning, walk another path every now and then- put on a different uniform.

There's a good reason why we should.


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