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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

Beloved, to Know does not imply that you make claim to Know everything there is to Know, and just because Knowing is an ongoing process, does not mean that you do not Know that you know, simply because you do not know all there is to know, and to attempt to equate not Knowing Everything, to Mean, that which you Know, is really what you believe, simply because you do not know everything there is to know, such serve as a clear indication that the Believer is satisfied in not Knowing anything that is capable of being Known.

Tell me beloved, why is it that the lowly Afrikan, when come in contact with the Black Afrikan that is in the Know of that which is known about that which is shared, some Afrikans commence an effort to interrupt the process of shared information that is based not on belief but on the Reasonable and Logical information arrived by, not the Teaching and influence of the Human Beings, but from the mental Revelation of Hyper Divine Communication with the Genetic reservoir we carry within, such information you are qualified to awaken through and by the interaction of your Internal Ancient First way Ancestors and because White folks have not taught you such a Mental technique, you end up questioning that information that defy the information taught to you by a proven Liar and deceiver.

Why is it, what make Black so call Afrikans, clang to the Trinity of Evil and put such Evil in motion when somebody come along that appear as you are, Rationally and Logically Revealing the Lies and acts of deception that we Black folks have learned to believe in, as being the not the Divine Truth, but the Gospel Truth, those Trinity of Evil, they being, Ego, Envy, Jealousy, wrapped in the robe of Evil malice, what is wrong with Black Folks today, what make us to cause us to not desire to have other black People that See Clearly the cause of Black folks Problems, to reveal the Cause for our Illness and the solution there for ?

There is not one Thing that those Sisters and Brothers on this Machine, they that share with you Divine Information, revealing the cause of our affliction on this planet and their information is what defy and discredit white folk teaching to you Black so call Afrikans, to be confronted by the Afrikan Human Being, for purpose to attempt to cause confusion away from the Divine Truth, that is being shared with Black Folks with a different caliber of Mind today.

Yet, there is nothing that is shared with you in the way of being Divine Information, that is being an attempt to force feed anybody of Black Folks Phenotype or anybody else as for that matters, on this Internet.

Yet again, there are those amongst us that has a compensative to try and interrupt such a Divine Order of sharing information, which reveal the Three Horsemen bearing Lies and Deception, they waging war against the Black World, they being the Jewish, Arab, and European Caucasian People of power.

Tell me, what is it that really Piss Black folks off to be able to witness that there are some Black Folks who are not afraid to tell those Three Horsemen that have participated in destroying our Ancient Civilization and now have their foot that breed ignorance, up our behind, we now ascending back to our Divine Mind, qualified now to tell them to go right back straight to the Hell they have come from.

Beloved, here is Black Human Beings Problem today, we have been conditioned to believe that is all the Mind is capable of doing and you know something, you Believer are correct, because the Mind the Believer now carry, is the Mind of the Human Being, the Three Horsemen of Evil, they that have visited the House of the gods and now the children of the gods no longer can remember anything about our Divine Selves, all because, we have been conditioned to acquire a corrupt Mind, a Mind that belong to the Three Horsemen of Evil, they whose Religion we now Bow on our Knees to, today, and such a lowly believing Afrikan, believe that you are qualified to critique that which you Know nothing about, only a Fool would enter a vicious Panther cage to fight, with only Loin Cloth around the behind.

Many of you despise me because I do not believe as you have been made to believe anymore, and it is because I desire to share with you that which I know to be Divinely Truth, you have so declared yourself to become my enemy.

Beloved, you do not know me, I came into your Midst, liken to a Divine Deity that come out from the Perfect Night and all I have expressed to you is nothing but Love and compassion, even when I share what I see what you have been made to become and what do you do, you end up despising the Divine Truth I share, because it is different from what the Three Horsemen have conditioned you to believe, so what some of you do, you nick pick at such irrelevant Things from that I share with you, which take nothing away from the body of the Divine Truth that is shared with you, that which you choose to ignore, because it is not what you believe or Want to hear, or even know about.

We Black so call Afrikans, we choose to turn a Human Being Mind into that which is slaughtering our Black Behind, all because we are to Mentally traumatized to deal with what is ailing Black people, which mean that we Black Folks would have to rise up off of our do nothing Behind, and confront the Three Horsemen that now hold our Divine Mind in captivity, as we pretend as if we do not have the ability to understand that which I am sharing with you, because it defy everything that we have ever been forced and tricked to believe about ourselves, and you choose to nick pick through the Divine Truth I share with you, so that you can develop some vain selfish relief.

Beloved, if your information is more Divine than that which I share with you, then offer it up to our People, because we are in need of a mental Revolution, one that will assure us of our Mental Liberation, because not until our Divine Mind Return, will we be able to solve the Problems that face Afrika today and the Black so call Afrikans, whose Life is in such Divisiveness, and need I remind you, of the saying of our Ancestors, about a House Divided, not being able to stand the Evil and deceit that come to our made up counterfeit Mind today, having us to question the power of Knowing in comparison to the weakness of Belief ?

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder
The First Way Institute Of black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism


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