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    Knowing The Knower

    Hoteph beloved sisters And Brothers:

    It Is The Fool That Make Claim To Know, Without Knowledge Of The Knower!!!

    You know beloved, wisdom is only a perspective, but Knowing is absolute and absolute is Reality and Reality is what verify Truth, therefore knowing the knower require that you understand what the Knower Reflect or do not reflect, because in order to Know the knower you must escalate beyond the Senses, Mind and Conscious in order to be able to verify the Knower.

    Look not for the trite things that are so common to the established psychic, because all that we sensually observe carry you not in the Direction of the Knower, but in the direction of established illusion, oh you say, am I saying that all that is established by Mental comprehension, checked and balanced with empirical actuality is all illusions and with my comprehension with enlightenment, all still do not put me in the Know of the Knower? Yes!!!

    As you observe the Sun-Stars, the evidence of the Wind, the action of the Water, the gravity of the Earth, does such experience put you in the Know of the Knower?

    How does the Knower appear, does the Knower ever appear, does the Knower make choices or demonstrate Will, is there good and Bad, Right and Wrong, Life and Death that reveal the Knower, can the Knower be revealed or Known?

    What kind of question is that, as you imply that the Knower can be Known, is there a difference in Know, Knowing and the Knower, is the knower a Something or not a something, why is it that you are presenting such a challenge, yet is not establishing any parameters so that we might have some idea of the boundaries we face in our search for the Knower.

    Then I say, why are you being so presumptuous in asuming that the knower has to be searched for, the subject matter only make a statement,yet no doubt you expect the answer to be embodied in the body of this Missive, yet I will ask as well, can you identify the Knower, is the knower identifiable ?

    I ask, can you identify the Sun-Star, The Wind, the Water, The Earth, when you are capable of identifying those entities then will you be able to identify the Knower, but wait, Am I implying that those Entities can be identified?

    Beloved, when you are able to Know what need to be known about the knower, then and only then will you have approached the status of Master Teacher and it is the Master Teacher that Know that Wisdom is Unchanging and it is the Master Teacher that is Wise about that which is Taught.

    Oneness,Truth, Reality, Harmony, Order, Balance, what are those, other than an abstraction actualizing the Knower.

    Did you say that Wisdom is an unchanging process, it is an impressing that the Wise is always changing, beloved, when dealing with the absolute which is the Knower, it is not about what you believe or Think, the Wise remain as is, Wise, because wisdom has been displayed in the way the Master Teacher has so conducted the action of Knowing, and is it not a fact that the Wise is known by the way Information brought before the Master Teacher is explained, in such a way that the bearer of the information was not aware of, and or Events that happen that require the Master Teacher interpretation in such an explainable way that it bring an enlightenment that is unsurpassed by others effort to explain?

    So, it be the questions and events that change, not the wisdom of the Wise and it is required for you to know and understand what has Just been Shared with You in order for you to become qualified to Know the Knower.

    You go about your daily lives under the impression that you know Darkness, Space, Stars and Planets and all things upon this Earth Planet that is animated and is not animated, as you take into account the differences in form and action of behavior and from such action you say you know those form of action, yet I ask, but do you know the Knower of such Action of Behavior or Non-behavior.

    If I should I say, from the majestic of Darkness-Space, the Stars-Planets, to the Smallest living element of action that is of form and Form without visible action, all constitute that Oneness of it all, yet knowing Of such Oneness, does that qualify you to know the Knower of it all?

    The Mystery is the Knower and the Wisdom is in Knowing the Knower.

    Solve the Mystery of the Knower and you would have locked into the Wisdom of your Divinity and in such knowledge, qualifies You to Be and not Be, to Hear and Not Hear,To Travel The Universe and Not Travel, To See without limits of vision, without Looking, To Touch, yet there is nothing there to Touch, to Feel, yet know the Knower is Real, as you Know not the Knower, or do you, without Knowing You do?

    When You Get to know the Knower, such enlightenment will not allow you to be at ease with yourself until Afrika is Free of ItsDemons and the Divine Black Being is back upon the Throne of the Divine Knowledge.

    On June 24-25, In Orlando, Florida, True Black Nationalist spiritualist Will Gather To Reason With Chief Elder Osiris About The Problems And Solutions That Bound Afrika And The Afrikan, Such a Spirit will qualify us to be able know what Afrika and the Afrikan Is In Need Of, This Will Be A Secretive And Private Gathering Of Warriors Of Like Mind And Love for Afrika And Black People.

    This Gathering Is Not About Quantity, But The Quality Of Mind In Attendance!!!

    Afrika And Afrikan Liberation Is Its Theme, Using All Means Necessary To Make It So.

    For More Info. Contact: [email protected] And/or [email protected]

    I Reveal The Truth Wherever I Can Get Truth An Appearance, Even In The Absent Of Knowing the Knower!!!-osiris

    Here Is Loving the Black So Call Afrikan,Even In Spite Of Yourselves!!!-osiris

    It Is Time to Elevate The Truth and Condemn The Lie!!!-osiris

    It Is The Black Fool That say,I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!!-osiris

    It Is The Fool That Ignore The Truth In Favor Of a Fool!!!-osiris

    Run! Run!, Run Black Woman And Man, Back Into The Safety Of Your Divinity!!!-osiris

    The Human Being Say God Command, The Divine Say God Reprimand Not!!!-osiris

    All Respect and Honor to That Black Prophet, The Honorable Marcus Garvey.

    Chief Elder
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    Hierophant, Teacher Of Ancient Divine Black Theology
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