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    I often meditate, pray and ponder many things. Of recent a question that has traveled the very depths of my soul is rather simple while complex. It is What does know thyself mean?

    When trying to apply concepts to one's life it is often very valuable to add definition for yourself to the very concept that you are applying to your lifestyle. What does know thyself mean? Well, first let us think about it. Thought is a gift the we homo sapiens, the scientific term for humnan beings, are blessed enough to be obliged to possess. I think that we would all agree that in any cultures picture or story of creation the first act of that same creation in order for it to exist was the act of naming, from the naming of the constellations by the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, to the very act of God saying "Let there be light" in the bible, to the naming of a child in which two people have bore into this world. Any act of creation, would therefore require the sacred act of being named.

    If we are still producing children, plants, books, new technology, music, poetry and so forth then we are still participating in the act of creation.

    Again, what does know thyself mean?

    Counteless hours are spent researching, studying, debating, respecting, disrespecting, loving, hating, blaming, but where does that fall into creating, other then the possibility of separation and the exhibition of ignorance or a state of not knowing? And more critically where does that fit into the idea of
    knowing yourself? If you really think about it and you really within your heart of hearts are really honest with yourself you may come to the realization
    that regardless of what you read, study, are inclined to have an opinion about, are disciplined enough to listen to anothers' opinion about or just talk
    about with all of your emotions of hurt then none of this really falls into the art of knowing yourself. Why? Because no matter what, all of these things
    are opinion. History is documented by a writer, a person. Each person has opinions, and those opinions are either similiar to yours or in opposition to
    yours, and are documented within the experiences and opinions of the author, and their prejudices. So in essence would that not make any history false, other then you as an individual being ready to accept it as your identity or not? Some things will hold true within the scope of your identity of yourself, and some would not stand a chance with regard to who you beleive yourself to be. This is about knowing yourself and knowing what your story is.

    And what exactly is your story? In order to acheive this concept, you first have to be willing to strip yourself of every other opinion forced upon you,
    from the very name you answer to, to the very books, classes, race, religion, rules and regulations imposed upon you beginning with the very act that brought you here to this planet so called Earth.

    Look in the mirror, and be "born".

    Ask yourself what is my name, and name yourself. Ask yourself what do I desire to be, and set goals and move towards that goal. Ask yourself what do I stand for, and have courage enough to stand in that purpose. Ask yourself, how can I make it known to the future that I was here, and become your own historian, and document it.

    Are you going to be everything your parents where? What if they were drug addicts? What if they were hate mongers? What if they were murderers? Are you going to be everything that your friends are? What if they have no motivation to be anything? What if they are liars? What if they are envious and jealous, and full of hate and anger? Is that all you can beleive yourself to be?

    If yes, then perhaps you should take an even longer, harder look in the mirror and be born again!

    A song that I like, personally is Man in the Mirror:

    Regardless of my opinion of Mr. Jackson, the song has a heartfelt message.

    "I'm starting with the man in the mirror. I'm asking him to change his way. And no message could have been any clearer. If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make a change.

    With that, I'd like to introduce you to who I AM.

    My name is Miss Lady. In the mirror I see a beautiful, kind, compassionate, loving, giving woman. I am a poet. I am HIPHOP, which means I am committed to peace, love, unity and safely having fun. I am an Em Cee which means in my speech I strive for divine communication, in which I don't use my voice to be belligerant and hateful. I treat others as I wish to be treated, and when they don't extend me the same, I strive to kill that noise with kindness. I am not any label that has been imposed on me. In this time and space I am committed to creating a new civilization, a place where my children, your children, their children, and their childrens' children can live peacefully, without all the hatred and injustice that is experienced in this day and age, and in times of the past, and not for just one class of people, but for all of humanity.

    I am a Goddess, and I have the ability to name and create myself and my story. I have the ability to rise above the limitations that anyone would impose on me and be anything that I so chose to be. It is my will. I have the right to let the light of love so shine through my actions, and more importantly, through my innermost desires, which I can't hide from myself, nor from the Goddess/God that lives within me.

    I extend to each regardless of anything the same challenge to rise above pettiness, and be the example of the exact justice, peace, truth and love that we all desire in one way or the next wish to see.

    I have also faced adversity in my life. In those times, I may have not been everything that I knew I could be. At those times, I was Woman Scorned, the victim. The victim of not understanding or knowing myself. The victim of others. The victim of wearing the outfit that someone else so maticulously
    selected for me to wear, and I wore it well. I rocked that s***. I respect that part of my being, because it has helped me to know who I am, and strive for better.

    You see knowing yourself is not about just having knowledge or opinions. It is about defining, and creating yourself. It is about yes, contemplating the
    history and opinions of others, but it is also about applying what you will to your life.

    I know myself, and knowing myself affords me the right to say, that I just don't beleive that any child regardless of their label should starve, that any
    loss of life, regardless of label is not tragic, that any injustice experienced by any is not an injustice. The totality of all hate and injustice is detrimental to all, and has a chaotic effect.

    Why can we not rise above labels, and be superior in our being? why can we not turn away from the ways of mandkind, and be great creators? Is this not the way to honor our Ancestors most, by seeing that they were although primitive, superior in the ways of GOD?

    All I'm really asking each if they are so inclined is to just take a look in the mirror, and ask yourself who you are, and what you truly want to identify
    yourself with. If nothing fits the bid, then why not have the courage to create something new?

    To each I extend the blessing of love, life and freedom, and I should hope that you would extend the same to me, and if not, I can respect that, but please keep it moving with your negativity, and I will leave you to wallow in your own self pity.