Black Poetry : Know More Blood, Know More Tears

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    Ain’t know walls to shelter the pain,
    Have I not been bound in chains?
    Ain’t know walls to shelter the pain
    Have I stood at the crossing to bare?
    The pain, for who so ever break the link
    Shall we both smother upon the clad brace?
    Chains Have I not felt the sender, the burning
    Chains that brewed the slave master,
    Raping me of my dignity, but I stood
    Tall as woman, I shall die as women
    Ain’t know walls to sheaf the pain;

    Where there is dust, there shall be ashes
    Where there’s death, there shall be grieving
    Ain’t know walls to shelter the pain
    Have I not felt the ashes, and sender?
    As thee my king, the same that once till dawn
    In the holocaust of my breed, the same
    that once till dawn I carried the load of an un civilized summary
    Ain’t know doors to sheaf the pain.

    Have I not felt the pain of you my brother?
    Have I not cried the same song?
    Have I not watch my babies
    Descended in this holocaust call revivals?
    Ain’t know doors to sheaf the pain
    So now the walls close in
    Seeking for shelter to heal
    Ain’t know walls to shelter the pain

    And somewhere there is dust
    Deep in de’ heart, if I can wipe away
    I give unto thee in my blood
    Ain’t know walls to shelter the pain
    And I lie far and below, hoping
    That our walls embrace, to
    Bring closure of this pain, my tomb
    Is awaiting the spirit to close
    Joining as one, the strength
    Shall widen the walls;
    And I lye upon the Nile, from de’
    Slavery cost, and where it was the
    Plantation closed, for we must
    Embrace and reached beyond
    The ivory cost, and let thy heart
    Heal each other close

    And there is was the ship went down
    Drums of the death song
    But yet I swam upon the sea
    And broke the chains upon my feet
    And carried my babies far and above
    The seed of my nations, I raised upon my head

    Ain’t know walls to close
    I am you and you are me
    The pain that lives within
    Ain’t know walls to close.
    My fate was to drown
    My fate was to cry
    My fate was to die
    My bounty life rise
    Ain’t know walls to close the door.

    During the duration of ancestors, through
    the mighty pen, the ancestors wrote about the life as a slave,
    it is un fortunate that we as a people
    Continue to sing the same songs. Through time we continue to accept the negative fertilities of wanting to be slaves, nevertheless freedom has already been given through God, such a catastrophe we continue to teach our children, that they are less than a people, by feeding them with toxins, that they shall continue to fight for freedom, freedom was
    Came with the proclamation of life, pain that continues to flow threw the blood stream, assist to human mental suicide, views of who and what is the black man. Nevertheless, our ancestors felt the crack of the whip, they continue to write the words of freedom and fought that man would no longer, emancipate the theory of them being slaves, Harriet Tubman, Soldier Truth, Phyllis Wheatley, poems in which they continued to up lift the Negro’s in a time of slavery, bitterly pleads for freedom from slavery.

    Almighty power of the pen, victory of the spoken words, Spirituality, the blue print of survival, believing in one God, poetry was for the cause of abolition and freedom, a will to live, under all odds, dignity without cowardly conformity, poetry was dedicated to slavery and its abominable practices and abuse.
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    HI Sister ASHANTA
    You have brought me to tears
    There is no wall to shelter pain,
    And even through all the pain
    We stood and pray to be saved
    And the prayers were heard.
    The pain we went through
    Was to strengthen us. For the days
    That is here right now. To stop it
    To stop it from ever happening again.
    We now know the language and the education
    Of the ones who took us away. We now under stand the
    Level that they would go through to chain and bond those
    Who fundamental nature is pure and blind from cruelty.
    So our people had a tough education that is carrying over
    Hundreds of years. We have to learn and use all our tools
    To make sure it will never ever hapen again
    I send love to you dear sister.

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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    very very

    powerful my sista very powerful

    i feel your passion

    and appreciated

    and agree with your stance here

    such power

    i love it

    and this quote too