Black Poetry : Knocking True

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    Knocking True

    Look I’m a great tramp because I never break camp i take
    Lyrics and revamp my game, after grammar corrections make
    Me a English Teacher a distinguish feature in America today
    I’m a character that stay on top of things doing HIPHOP plays
    And wearing bling, look some of these cats feeble and soft
    Then beetle off into the wrong direction catch a cold then cough
    Have a divine plan but you a blind man doing candy rap with a visual
    Handicap so you can’t see me with glasses on all my stuff is original
    You a guy whack and can’ t make eye contact with my verse need
    Run back to the nurse for medication this is devastation best proceed
    To ignore and be the big whore you are now you never write rhymes
    Just bite mine in every post yelling out loud that you a jealous behind
    Tadpole with a badsoul and your sad scrolls are all lies as a wanna be
    You gonna see me advance, this boy live corrupt and need to be free
    From the face of defeat he’s a disgrace on the street he lack hope
    With them whack quotes he call rhymes, you rlow pride is puny not dope
    Don’t provide an opportunity to cope with real rhymes this boy choke
    On peanut butter, MANTIS MANIA flaws in your brain cause whackness
    to remain, this lame can’t prevail because his train derailed need practice
    this so call MC’S a fool why you leave school before learning to rhyme?
    Not earning a dime by being in my posts just sucker turning ascinine
    Tricks, label a drop out and this boy in not able to drop clout, lost in time
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    hot lyrical maze ..........