Black Muslims : Knock knock.Whose there? Dajjal. Dajjal know he comin?


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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance.
Prophecy always makes for good conversation among those who are not Faithful. It gives the mind an opportunity to play with the elements of The Unseen the way a chemist plays with the elements of atoms. Not so for The Faithful; whom Prophecy outright frightens. Whereas I do not claim to be among The Faithful ( I seek refuge in Allaah from Allaah) I do feel fright at the words of The Prophet Mustafaa Muhammad Ahmad Ibn Abd'Allaah (570-632 AD). He told his companions (may Allaah be pleased with them) That '..... between himself and the Day of Judgement is the Dajjal'.
The Prophet taught that the recitation/memorization of Surah Kahf (18) the first ten verses are a protection against the lies and deceit of 'Ad Dajjal' (i.e. the liar).
What in those verses contain a protection against 'Dajjal'? Dajjal means, The liar. And the lie he will make people accept is that he is the Messiah Jesus (SAW). Then he will tire of that and claim outright to be Allaah on earth in flesh. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that the Dajjal will have the power to order the sky to rain, the sun/earth to cause drought, he will have the power to order the elements inside the earth to produce themselves to the surface of the earth and travel behind him at his, silver, etc. The Dajjal will go door to door introducing himself and ordering his allegiance; that you right then and there in his presence, face to face say that you believe that He Dajjal, is your Lord. The Dajjal will have WONDROUS and AMAZING power. Whatever you think magic is, he is that to the tenth power. Those who follow him will eat and survive according to that world. Those who do not believe in him will die, be persecuted, outcast. The Prophet (SAW) said that ' Muslims who hear of him must avoid him....for those who don't will follow him and believe in him'. The Prophet (SAW) said that The Faithful will clearly see the huruwf (Arabic letters) Kaaf, Faa, Raa (KFR) written between his eyes. The Muw'min. Not 'The Muslims'. The Muw'minuwn, The faithful will see it written between the eyes. I pair this with surah Kahf, verses 4,5,6.
Allaah Warns: those who say Allaah has begotten a son. Those who say it. Not "those who believe it"... Those who SAY it.
There is a man coming to knock on every door and announce that he himself Is The Messiah Jesus(SAW)/And That He is Allaah on earth in the flesh with limitless power and will NOT have to be asked to prove anything because he has come TO DO IT.
Allaahu Provides in Qur'aan, recite this, " warn those who say Allaah has begotten a son.... no knowledge have they of such a thing, not even their fathers..."
To think that Allaah is flesh or is the product of flesh comes from a mind that has not been introduced to The Proper idea of Allaah which has resulted in an improper idea of ones' self and Source. When ones' reality is defined by such an idea then ones' reality has a gaping hole in it.
Only acknowledgement of The Names of Allaah can fill the hole and save the Soul from that vantage point. But man on a global scale has long been in his neglect of The Words of Allaah and ingratitude for His Blessing(s) of life and has built a world based on obliviousness to Allaah. Well, soon the earth will have the very manifestation of the worlds' idea of a 'God' in the flesh and ripe with power and gifts for what nourishes his reality. The Prophet (SAW) said that many Muslims will follow him. Literally.
The Words of Allaah are what they say they are. A Reminder of Allaah. A declaration by Allaah about Allaah and no one knows and or, can truly speak on or about Allaah except Allaah. Allaah WARNS: those who Say...….He has begotten a son. A human MUST acknowledge this right of Allaah, to be taken at HIS Word. If one does not, their 'god' will soon arrive and confirm all of the mental nuances the mind plays with instead of setting oneself firmly in the Reality of Allaah; through thinking and feeling and most importantly the action of worship, Salaat. Salaat today is the Ark of Noah during the flood. The Path of Allaah is clear...Be upon Salaat. Life and Success is upon the Salaat. Life AND Success. May Allaah give us the mental strength and fortitude to establish the salaat and collect the light from it and the grace to move in this world as Faithful, looking forward to Life and Success each moment of each day and especially on That Day.. There is a test coming to us, before That Day, and Allaah has provided the means to escape its conflict. The Prophet (SAW) is recorded to have spoken on what gives a man 'integrity'. The Prophet (SAW) said " is his getting up in the middle of the night and worshipping his Lord/Sustainer as others sleep.." May Allaah protect/preserve this writer and any who reads this and all Muslims (those who would submit their own Will to the Will (Guidance/laws) of Allaahu Al Khaaliqu, from the trial/test of Ad Dajjal. As Salaamu alaykum Wa Rahmaatullaahi.
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