Black Poetry : "knew this girl that was home yall up against a stone wall because of a wrong phone call now this boy want some and could fall in love after he break


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May 11, 2006
"knew this girl that was home yall
up against a stone wall
because of a wrong phone call
now this boy want some and could fall
in love after he break the headboard
so a big boom ahead
in her bedroom bed
so he's a HIPHOP rhymer
so boo like a mountain climber
he's on the edge of a cliff
for sex so open your legs swift"
“NAW PLAYER believe me the gift
is there let him sniff she don't care
but be ware that's about it share
nothing, grooving with nickels
in a moving vehicles and pickles
on the menu in a drop top popsicles
are licked, HE SAID: “I feast with plan
and like a piece of land
he's plowed ground
and proud to hound
a chick quick but can't bark
up the wrong tree and that spark
trouble, HIP HOP forced
to be his buddy through a course
of study and his source is muddy like
creek water
now he speak to slaughter
and hammer grammar
over microphones
humor characterize his writing
no rumor Americanize and exciting
ill on the streets and distinguish
by the way he still speak English
have fun concerned with charms
and now have sunburned arms
this is Black HIP HOP so be alarm
in VIRGINIA BEACH with insight
that can begin a bright
love affair with height
now you a brown Soul Sister
drive boss fords
survive and cross swords
with girl's boyfriends black boards
available so best write and never hate
'NAW PLAYER one kiss can devastate
the brain and accelerate a train educate
railroad tracks
with a stale load of facts
so that's choo choo for a boo”
one time she dialed a number
and a boy came over in a wild hummer
sex is tradition
but this could be an exhibition
his sex talk is good ammunition
its sunshine and rest
boys want fun with fine breasts
but her dress is down
they still wanna mess around
no wrinkle in her pies
but a twinkle in her eyes
she got good bless cake
and this could escalate
into a full blown affair
because she have a grown pair
of breasts oh yes and her dress
is down, this type trend
is like the wind
rip shingles off roofs
strip and mingles with truths
let the wet rain percolate through
booty softly and round
like coffee grounds
he wants a hot cup
she has flavor
and behavior
food require a feast
have a desire for peace
fire in her panties won't cease
in the hood flirt
booty do good word
as a cutie should twerk
she flow and shook
learned to sew and cook
when confused look in the book
HE SAID: “ I wear raw bling
learn to draw and sing
in life no flaw I could be king
SHE SAID: “no doubt I pray
these boys out to play
one kissed my lips
liked my brown round hips
pushed him away my mind trips
he wanted my brownie down there
because I use downy in my underwear
oh my coo-chee was real juicy he dare
not kiss my lips at a time like this where
can I go right now? Oh he has a wet plan
need to get my hands
on some tissue
and wipe this dumb issue”
oh she so wet and hot down there
oh she so wet and hot down there
juice around everywhere
got class and brown
I put my glass down
sip on peach bubbly
teach me how to dougie?
Reach for the sky things ugly
hype and brown
and write down
what comes into my head
so rum on the menu for bed
when boys around
best keep the noise down
they kiss my lips and toys around
run up and down stairs
my coochee has brown hairs
drive to town and prepares for affairs
oh good gracious
this could be a hood fallacious
argument in the car events happen
write in a mini-skirt
boys go plenty berserk
after frequent rapping”
chilling with teachers in college
in buildings that features knowledge
up in here no creatures of garbage


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