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    By Andre Austin

    One of the ghost writers for Shakespeare writers was Emilia Johnson Willougby Bassanio-Lanier, a dark Jewish lady who was the first woman to publish a book of poetry in England.

    Emilia secretly encoded her name in the Shakespeare plays by using the Swan death songs throughout the plays. For more information on this see John Hudson on his youtube (
    ), presentation or his book Shakespeare’s Dark Lady. Check out Shakespeare’s poems and see how many time a variation of the name Emilia appears.

    In 1610 King James wanted a new version of the Bible, with the help of Hebrew scholars were sought after. To encode their name on the new translation they used Psalm 46. The word “Shake” appears 46 words from the beginning of the 46 Psalm and the word “speare” 46 words from the end. The King James version of the Bible was published in 1610 the year Shakespeare turned 46 years old. Emilia was super-smart and knew of the NT typology of the Jesus ministry and Titus military Campaigns

    In 1611 Emilia copyrighted and publishes a long religious poem called Salve Deus Rex Judoeorum= hail, God, King of the Jews. One particular area of the poem I liked the most:

    “These were the fools, that thought themselves so wise

    The Jewish wolves (Genesis 49:27), that did our Saviour bite, (wolf=tribe of Benjamin)

    For now they use all means they can devise,

    To beat down truth, and go against all right

    Yea now they take Gods holy name in vain

    To know the truth, which truth they do prophane (Pilate ask Jesus what is truth John 18:38)

    The chief Hel-hound (wolf) of this hate full crew (Herod & Pilate conspired on Jesus Acts 4:27)

    Rose up to ask what answer he could make

    Against those false accusers in his view;

    That by his speech, they might take:

    He held his speech, yet knew they said not true…”

    She then goes on to say that Herod takes it from Pilate hands and Emilia states:

    If thou must make thy peace by virtues fall

    Much better you were not to be friends at all (Herod & Pilate became friends Luke 23:12)

    Yet neither thy sterne browe, nor his great place,

    Can draw an answer from the Holy One

    His false accusers, nor his great disgrace,

    Nor Herod’s scoffs; to him they are all one:

    He neither cares, nor fears his own ill case,

    Though being despised and mocked of every one:

    King Herod’s gladness gives him little ease

    Neither his anger seeks he to appease

    It appears in the overall context both Roman (Pilate) and Herod’s are Wolves in sheep clothing. Claiming to be Jews but or not and yet killing Jewish people. As a Jew she secretly gets revenge on the Gentiles for fooling them into cannibalism in her poems and ghost writing in the Shakespeare’s plays.

    Emilia states concerning her books:

    And let your noble daughters likewise read

    This little book that I present to you;

    On heavenly food let them vouchsafe to feed

    For more info see Shakespeare’s secret Messiah By Joe Atwill and Shakespeare’s dark lady by John hundson.