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    Israel King Hezekiah destroy the Egyptian bronze serpents Moses used for religious or political reasons.?

    Q. what is it about pharaoh Piankhi (aka Taharqa) that so-called Semites resent even today in the 21st century?

    A. the pharaoh who ruled over Egypt, Nubian, Meroe and Kush joined forces with the so-called Semites Jews of Palestine under the reign of king Hezekiah of Judah against sennacherib and the Assyrians and turned the tide of the war saving both Egypt and Palestine from the invading Assyrians. This story is mentioned in the book of Isaiah and Herodotus book 2:141. The blacks saved the Semites from annihilation. What was the thanks from Hezekiah ordering the Egyptian army to withdraw in haste from Palestine when the Jews failed to hold back the Assyrians on their side of the military line.

    The following is a false malicious statement of the Jews against the blacks in many textbooks:

    “Taharqa (Piankhi) fled south to Ethiopia”

    What really led Hezekiah to destroy the brass serpents (Kings 18:4) a universal symbol used to this day in the medical profession. Apollo (Horus) and Asclepis (Imhotep) all original from Egypt symbol was a snake entwined around a staff/pole. This symbol was first used in Egypt by Thoth, a god of medicine, math and magic. Was Hezekiah mad because his people began to burn incense to the Egyptian bronze snakes or because he took a beating in a war he didn’t plan right with the Egyptians? Well Moses and Jesus had more in common with the bronze serpents than Hezekiah. Moses, name original meant “Thoth is born”. for verification see The bronze serpent, of Christ*(Numbers 21:8,9; John 3:14).