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    King On the Middle East and some history on his politics.

    From a March 1968 interview

    MLK:“On the middle East crisis, we have had various responses. The response of some of the so-called young militants again does not represent the position of the vast majority of black people. There are some who are color-consumed and they see a kind of mystique in being colored, and anything non-colored is condemned. We do not follow that course in the southern Christian Leadership Conference, and certainly most of the organizations in the Civil Rights movement do not follow that course.

    I think it is necessary to say that what is basic and what is needed in the Middle East is peace. Peace for Israel is one thing. Peace for the Arab side of that world is another thing. Peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all of our might to protect its right to exist, its territorial integrity. I see Israel, and never mind saying it, as one of the great outpost of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land almost can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy. Peace for Israel means security and that security must be a reality.

    On the other hand, we must see what peace for the Arabs means in a real sense of security on another level. Peace for the Arabs means the kind of economic security that they so desperately need”- A Testament of Hope

    It seems to me King could of said this in 2002. In my early years I favored Malcolm X over King. Now that I’ve gotten older the scale has tipped over to King. I think the book of Isaiah 53: 9 “He was assigned a grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death, though he had done no violence”.

    It was too bad that it was violence of 4 little girls being killed and John F. Kennedy being assassinated all in 1963 caused Congress to pass Kennedy’s civil rights bill in 1964. President Johnson who took JFK’s place said he wanted to get it passed for Kennedy’s memory. Mrs. King wrote her assesment of the situation: “ Months later when Martin and I assessed the situation, we realized that President Kennedy had faced a great deal of opposition in Congress to his Civil Rights Bill. But his death moved the nation in such a way that the people felt that the legislation must be passed as a tribute to his memory. This should have been done because it was right, but also for the sake of the entire nation, which had continued to backslide on its promise of democracy for black people” My life with Martin Luther King Jr p.228

    In my opinion I don’t have too much faith in politicians. Johnson passed the bill because it was in his self-interest. The evidence comes from Ronald Kessler book Inside The White House p33. Kessler: stated “During one trip, Johnson was discussing his proposed Civil Rights Bill with two governors. Explaining why it was so important to him, he said it was simple: I ‘ll have them n.iggers voting Democratic for two hundred years”.

    People need to understand that Johnson wasn’t a friend to Martin Luther King. In fact Johnson sicked the military on King with surveillance along with the FBI. Johnson was already alarmed by an incipient “dump Johnson” movement within the Democratic party, the President fulminated against King’s anti war stance-“Goddamnit” he raged at an assistant, “if only you could hear what that hypocritical preacher does sexually”-and let the FBI step up its vendetta against him.” –Let the Trumpet Sound p.428. As a matter of fact the government wanted King and Malcolm X killed both in February 1965. They wanted King to commit suicide. Johnson himself was a big sex freak “The day to-day sexual activities of the president. In the case of Lyndon Johnson, they were extensive. Johnson would pick women out of a crowd…he would spot them and send an aide to be the pimp…of the eight secretaries around him, only three were not having sex with the president”-Inside the White House p.13

    When Kennedy spoke out against the war in 1967 in April he would be killed exactly a year later in 1968.

    King himself was aware of the FBI’s escalating campaign against him, and he and his advisers were convinced that Johnson was behind it, convinced that the President himself was now collaborating with the un-American Hoover to thwart his Poor Peoples Washington campaign and turn the country so completely against King that he would be driven scorned and hated from public life. It depressed King that his relationship with Johnson had degenerated to such a hostile state. What new stories about his faults-his “sins”, as he called them –were Johnson and Hoover whispering into the ears of America? Despite Johnson and Hoover wide scale public disfavor King didn’t slow down his movement.

    Why are politicians and the media so obsessed with each other’s sex lives? The same thing that was going on in the 60’s went on in the White House during the 90’s. I thought it was crazy that Republicans wanted to impeach and overthrow an election because Clinton lied about seeing Monica’s thong and playing with a cigar with her. It proved my suspicion that the RNC would do anything to advance their party for the Rich guy’s club. For all the Democrats who voted against the impeachment were acting in the spirit of Edmund G. Ross who casted the deciding vote against President Andrew Johnson being impeached. Although I’m no fan of Johnson who vetoed the Civil Rights Bill of 1866. His life story as told by JFK in Profiles in Courage was extremely well written.

    King was a hero to me. I liked his nonviolent approach to international and national problems. Its too bad his advocacy against violence was the cause of him being killed. His extra sex life shouldn’t of been exposed by Hoover. All the illegally taping was wrong. He had a right to privacy and his “sins” were between him and his god. I could understand some of the things King went through. The lies Hoover fed the public. I’ve been myself accused of being gay, which is false. King had a trusted adviser at his side Bayard Rustin whom a nonviolent activist who organized 1963 March on Washington. Condemned as "known homosexual" by Strom Thurmond before the march, to little effect. Thurmond rose in the Senate to denounce Rustin for sexual perversion, vagrancy, and lewdness, inserting a copy of his police booking slip into the Congressional Record. When this didn’t get noticed in the media the Hoover gang brought up a 1953 incident of Rustin performing oral sodomy upon two white men.

    And I guess King didn’t believe in any type of discrimination.

    Notes: Recently I got some criticism and people have accused me of being a hypocrite because I wrote a fictional play Make no Mistake about it of Executive Hush being gay. Subjecting fiction to the same standards of facts and history is a mistake in itself. Unless you advocate Kenneth Starr incorporating the movie Primary Colors into his investigation of a President you might have a case with my play.

    People have to realize that MLK and others basically begged Kennedy for a Second Emancipation proclamation. “ In death, the late president gained credit for much of the purpose that Kings movement had forced upon him in life” Parting The Waters.

    Kennedy took office in 1960. And he wouldn’t of became president if he had not made phone calls to King’s wife while Martin was in jail in GA. King Mobilized Blacks in Key states of Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois and two southern states. In 1956 the majority of Blacks voted Republican. But King was able to convince the majority of Blacks to vote democratic. So it took three years to get Civil Rights on his desk. King said: “I really think we saw two Kennedys, a Kennedy the first two years and another Kennedy emerging in 1963”, he told the interviewer more than once. The Kennedy who had vacillated over his “razor-thin edge” from the 1960 election changed after Birmingham into one who addressed race as a moral issue of national survival. “at this point,” said King, “He went through what Lincoln went through” Pillar of Fire

    Kennedy was political scared of introducing legislation because he didn’t want backlash from the South because he needed the south to regain a second term in 1964. Kennedy didn’t even want to be seen with Sammy Davis because he was married to a white girl. “Kennedy feared that photo shots of him with the Davises would make deadly smear material in a close campaign”. Kennedy’s mood changed and the country because 4 little girls were murdered in September of 1963. Also Medgar Evers was killed in Mississippi in June of 1963. But no amount of killing would of passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act if a white person had not been assassinated. So Kennedy was like a sacrafice.

    The 1965 Voting Rights Act came into existence as a result of white politicians using the violence being inflicted against Blacks. The Democrats remembered how King shifted a 60-40 vote for Republicans to a 70-30 for Democrats. They just used Blacks to enhance their own political power. This time the violence of Alabama served as a pretext for the 1965 voting laws. For a clearer view I shall quote from Everybody Say Freedom

    In an important sense, the Civil Rights Movement ended the next year with the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, on behalf of voting rights. Demonstrators started
    Out on March 7, 1965, from Brown Chapel AME Church, but at the Edmund Pettus Bridge they were attacked and viciously beaten by mounted policemen. Again the whole country saw it on television, and, like Birmingham, the determination of black people to secure their rights despite the crude violence of the white south resulted in congress passing the voting rights act of 1965. An accompanying reason, of course, was that president Lyndon Johnson, unlike Kennedy, was more supportive of the movement and had clout with congress” p.263

    African-Americans need to know the history of politics so that our cotton/votes being delivered to the Big house/White house is first of all counted right and paid for just like any other type of reciprocal trade. Get your political noses out in the air and smell why there’s more enforcement of voting rights of 1965 than the 1964 Civil rights? Because the latter is about cashing a bounced check and the former about putting white guys in the White House. Wake up and smell the tea. The EEOC is under funded. As a matter of fact if you want justice for discrimination you have to pay a lawyer to do it. This works for Upper middle class blacks. Our Public schools is a battlefield for political funding between teachers unions and right wing private schools. We really have no political power despite a record number of people in their house. If you upset a tribe of 5 million over one vote they will ambush your political career. And what is the ultimate disrespect? They never even gave us a black vice-president. And the saddest thing is the other party (RNC) is worser. So I have to vote my intelligence for the democrats until the Green machine get enough soldiers in their army camp. Think about it.

    Meanwhile, the Palestinians still haven’t figured it out that being the victims of violence pays dividends while perpetrating it gets scorn. I presume the disciple of MLK, Jesse Jackson is now over in the Middle East teaching the founders of Hamas the struggles of Black folk here in America? I guess not he just cancelled meeting Hamas because they killed some Americans.