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Aug 26, 2003
somewhere ova da rainbow....
I never knew I could love
But you brought the heaven
And moved the earth you was my star
Trying to shake it but I just cant….
Don’t need the pain…. don’t need the blues
See I got all these feelings inside
Going through hell….aint for me
The roller coaster ride aint cute
All this is kinda crazy
Feel like I am running a maze
Sh!ts is hazy

Thinking about the past…. now it’s my future
What’s in store without you?
I don’t think its what’s meant for me
For I use to see you in my future... but no longer
The heartache killed me slow
My heart took a blow
As my soul went low
Colors of the this show
Turned gray……twisted me in a knot

Never knew I could love
A blessing of a lesson of a season
That have release me
All this is kinda crazy…..
But you’re in my heart and I will
Always love you…
But now I can move on..
No more making up
No more long nights
No more of you
It will be hard but I know I can shake it

Mad at myself, but it had to be done
For me to move on….
See I never knew I could love
As I loved you….but I did
All this is kinda crazy
Had me mixed up….
Feel like I am running a maze
Sh!ts is hazy

But now I know….a good intention can go wrong
So I know now to look….and…hint my signature….

Beware of people who want to share what you have. In a truly equal...
relationship, each good intention must be reciprocated.
Study the flight path before reaching up to catch the trailing edge.

(C) 2004
Poerty by an Angel


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