Black Poetry : Kind Of Woman

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    I got a Good Woman, a love her and she loves me back kind of Woman.
    I don’t have to go looking for her cause I know exactly where she’s at kind of Woman.
    I can joke with her and she can joke right back kind of Woman.
    Got me on the treadmill cause I’m getting fat kind of Woman
    And knows exactly when to rub my back kind of Woman.
    I got a Good Woman, she makes me want to be a better man than I am kind of Woman.
    Go out of my way for love cause I can kind of Woman.
    I let her be the woman and she lets me be the Man kind of Woman.
    Even if I was not with her I’d be her No.#1 fan kind of Woman.
    An I love to be in public and hold her hand kind of Woman.
    I Got a Good Woman, gorgeous but still shy kind of Woman.
    And how I love to be the shoulder that comforts her when she cry’s kind of Woman.
    I give her the headlines and she still asks why kind of Woman.
    The sparkle in my eye, the blue in the sky kind of Woman.
    She give me no reason to lie kind of Woman.
    And for her to live I would gladly die kind of Woman.
    I got a Good Woman, got me giving up all my free time kind of Woman.
    Can’t get her off my mind kind of Woman.
    Not having a problem at all coming up with the next line kind of Woman.
    Compared to any before, this one is a Dyme kind of Woman.
    Got me throwing every thing away that’s mine kind of Woman.
    And don’t worry, everything going to be fine kind of Woman.
    I got a Good Woman, got me on facebook Sprung kind of Woman.
    Running back to her feeling like I only got one Lung kind of Woman.
    Ain't looking at nobody cause she is the One kind of Woman.
    She is the only thing that matters under the Sun kind of Woman.
    I guess I better cut this short, but I ain't done kind of Woman..
    I got a Good Woman… and that make me a better man.
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    nothing like a good woman who stand beside her man