Law Forum : Killing Or Blaming: The Bullseye Doctrine

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    If their not killing us they're blaming us.

    This fool before her self transformation


    After her self transformation


    This was the dead giveaway


    As a rule kidnappers take pictures of the bait from a distance showing the compromising position of them helplessly tied up & bound to a chair, it's gut wrenching & psychologically destabilizing.

    A forensic technician on realofficer analyzed this picture:

    Can you see the slip up?

    She's left handed as proven by the above picture & what hand she used to sign the criminal complaint with.

    Now look at her abduction picture

    Notice anything?

    Okay, here we go

    1. Her left shoulder is higher then her right shoulder....she's holding her IPhone

    2. The IPhone flash is reflected in her eyes, some members challenged him by stating that the pinpoint light is from an ambient light source to her right, in reality an ambient light source would just lighten her eyes

    3. If she was tied to a chair the kidnapper taking a photo of her would be on average 2 to 3 feet higher then her making her have to look up to the photographer. She's looking straight ahead. At her IPhone that she's holding with her left hand.

    When in doubt...blame it on a Black man


    Hmmmmm, let's see how she'll get along with her new playmates who'll do things to her after lights out that she'll never want to take pictures of.


    Karma's a B***h