Black Poetry : Killer Queen

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
His presence took us a way,

Far from tie your mother down..,

Freddie we love you still

I want to ride my bicycle

Crystal clear in this think called love

From the childhood to adulthood
I’ve never got bored of the voice,
Like people have coffee to start their day,
I have your voice, I need it,
In my own way

one lock the door..,

cause love won't leave you alone

He wants to break free

Queen, engulfed their intact wizardy across the world...,
a cool breeze blowing on their adoring fans we hear,
out on a mission he reigned through a magic current
turning each page with guidance amidst inner violence;
Although he died of Aids his legacy lingers on within song
Magic Mercury very theatrical boom...,

English bred his soul monumental glimpse
historic torn magestic feeling..,
follow me down by the river in the flowing breeze through the trees
live each tender moment in the conclaves of lasting love from heaven above
graduate to contemplate a unique show of a whole host of emotions by the ocean
hear the waves crashing by the surf sit next to the tide as if a shield to go by
rise to every occasion enhanced with wisdom as you stand here forgiven in the moment

From the different voice rages you could do,
From rock, punk, opera, heavy metal and pop,
No-one could sing like you, no-one
You have the power to sing,
A make something in every song.

You are my inspiration to write,
My thoughts and words who I want to be,
Some people think it’s weird,
But Freddie you are special,
To me.

You’ve made the whole world happy,
An forever people still think of you,
From all different ages,
People still love you,
Only because you are Freddie Mercury
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