Black Poetry : Kill Your Mother In Church On Sunday

Mario William vitale

Well-Known Member
Jun 6, 2017
she was wearing her Sundays best

but I must clearly confess;

knew it was but a test but now I rest

a hired man with a gun

shoot her down now she's gone

the papers read all red

with thoughts inside her head

running here & their

my momma was a commie

she saved all her money

she was a big phony

full of bologna

now she is gone but her memory lingers on

she was sitting on the right side of the pew

dazzling red dress

pearls in her arrangement;

didn't want to do it but it was too late we set the date

the bullet would seal her fate

but not too late she would contemplate;

it was too late

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Mario William vitale ... This is awesome poetry! ... :toast:

To be able to even "go there" ... @ church on Sunday!!?? ... OMG!

Then to have us going with you ... get outta here ... :love:

Thanks for sharing and taking me!

Much Love and Peace.



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