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Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth
The "kill who" dozens it's a game that i play
sorta like the dirty dozens from back in the day
but if u play it my way then u don't tell no jokes
cause it's a game to talk about all the people you'd smoke
it's the kill who dozens and it's only for thrills...
just make a beat and talk about all the people you'd kill...


i'd kill those catholic priests .. for touchin those kids
then i'd kill my baby daddy for all the dirt that he did...

i'd kill a chick quick that's neglectin her seed
then i'd kill all the preachers' thaz only in it for greed

i'd kill all the broke hustlers' that ain't gotta a buck
then i'll kill that lyin b****rd that said the we ??????

i'd kill that white chick that said a bro drowned her kids
then all the nosey people that's mindin my bizz..

kill all the bill collectors thats callin my phone
and all the stalkin sales people that won't leave me alone

kill all the pigs that's out here givin hard times
and all the snitches that's droppin that dime

kill everyone that's against jenna six
and those six white people that beat up that chick....

kill all the coward soldiers that really ain't got heart...
and then i'd kill the m. ******s that shot Biggie and Pac!

I'll kill all the haters and pray they get one more life
So I can do the honors of killin em 2wyce!

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Miss Lady
:10700: (Ya Done Scared me Green!!!!!smh)
It's hard enough out there as it is
Then we are forced into Hard....Knock Life
So many people can anger us and just should be ashamed of the way they walk each day......

I'd Like to say I fully feel ya Sis.....But then I might get in trouble.....:em2700:
Lol But I do Feel the Struggle and How Sometimes a person can go Coo-koo thats one more reason because im just getting over my Loopty loo...Lol
Be Blessed Sis....Persevere I know you are!!! :10300:


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