Black People : kill dem gay

uganda black christians have been brainwashed by the white christian brotherhood.
i do not think this is natural african behavior.

Best place to start is with a little research:em2300:

There is a whole lot of stuff i dont think, but

we are both over 40 and we remember the days of waiting in a library for reference books and microfiche, to find out the truth but guess what:SuN032:

there is this thing called google!

take a look at the chart on this link

I love honor and respect the NOGE, becuase of their political directive and focus and because of their imperative of critical analysis,
relying on science and mathematics

Therefore what is the science here and the mathematics?

If the issue is Christianity then what is the continent with the largest Christian population and how are homosexuals treated there?

Take a good look at the map on this site

(LGBT) rights in Africa are limited in comparison to other areas of the world, with the BBC estimating that homosexuality is outlawed in 38 African countries. In 13 nations homosexuality is either legal or there are no laws pertaining to it.[1]

In Mauritania, Sudan, and northern Nigeria, homosexuality can be punishable by death. In Uganda, offenders can gain a maximum of a life imprisonment for homosexual acts.

And take a good look at the map on this site

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What Africans call us white people with black face? I've never seen that.

And who is the "us" you're referencing ... Black People / Africans in America?

I'm just wondering.

Thanks in advance ... and thanks too for joining and sharing with us.

Much Love and Peace.



Yes they do - they call us white especially in some part of Ghana - but places like Ethiopia they refer to us as Baria which is to say "Slaves". Some Africans see us as white and others as slaves - then there are those who see us as we should be seen.

I know you asked this to ASmith161718 yet I thought I would throw that in. Nevertheless, most Africans don't share these points of views - I guess its about which culture of Africans your dealing with.




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