Black Poetry : KEYSTYLE

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    Advance in my profession a chance to learn a lesson my quotes
    Are design to promote rhymes I’m talking about those that chokes
    Like smokes from burning woods, this fender bender gets cats
    To surrender and this set the agenda for a battle on stages, stats
    Rattle pages like readers on crack looking for facts send bats
    A flying like vampires, camp fires are blown out like SMOKY
    THE BEAR done it, I have space at my place if the taste openly
    Good, hate to make a scene have great esteem need a girl I can
    Trust because the world is unjust wanna get a chance at a planned
    Wet romance and it can start with a slow dance or holding hands
    My skills dim but wise they emphasize the public fear of crime
    With dialect and words try to correct nerds and when it’s time
    For wings gonna wreck birds like RHODAN my flow stand-
    Fast and my plan is a class act like a Ford fast back man
    Some things be hard but best to regard them with pleasure
    Because above the rim is a treasure like 2PAC measure
    The true art and skills and keep my head up and reach out
    To someone, a winner of fame entertained by rap and very stout
    Rhymes, it’s about time to consider just how bitter these verses
    Are they litter sites and glitter bright like Christmas candles
    Shoot all type of hoops and like troops check the enemy advance
    My identity enhance my skills and that kills whackness a chance
    To practice hitting targets and gitting carpets pulled out from
    Under cats this come with thunder and stats where yall at?
    Look I’m from the streets true I want to speak to you about
    A happening see I was out rapping to impress folks on route
    With bless quotes and the best dope rhymes around town
    Owe folks and apology my flow all notes of quality, I’m down
    With skills on the ground spills my foot prints, took sprints
    Like FLOJO and go loco with speed now a need to pitch a tent