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    Media Coverup - Did Kerry Throw the Election?
    From Martin Lund

    "-*If* Kerry is found to win Ohio, regardless of his public concession, he will win the election."

    The Low Down on Ohio

    From: Martin Lund

    I just got off the phone with the office of the Ohio Secretary of State and was told the following:

    * Kerry´s concession has no legal bearing on who wins the election.

    * Ohio has been using and counting provisional ballots for the exact same way for the past 10 elections.

    * Ohio and Federal law dictate 10 days and then begin counting the provisional ballots.

    * All valid provisional ballots will be counted.

    *The winner of the state of Ohio shall not be considered official until such time as all provisional ballots have been counted.

    -*If* Kerry is found to win Ohio, regardless of his public concession, he will win the election.

    The woman I spoke with asked that people post this information far and wide because, for whatever reason, the media aren´t reporting it.

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    I don't know about anyone else, but I personally feel that some thing was not right about this election. I don't know what it is, and I can't quite put my finger on it other than that that some thing's smells iffy. Here are some questions I would like answered:

    --How is it that Bush, with all his unpopularity going into the elections, ends up winning the popular majority?

    --Why is it that Kerry never put up much of a fight to combat the attacks he endured by the through out the campaigns? Was he a true candidate, or a stand-in club fighter, whose purpose was to provide Bush with 'legitimacy' after the previous election?

    --Why did Kerry throw in the towel so quickly after Sen. John Edwards—his Vice Presidential running mate—told his supporters that they would make sure every vote counted?

    --What was up with Osama bin Laden broadcasting a video tape two days before the elections, which seemed to lend his support for Kerry (therefore portray Kerry as being weak on Terror)?

    --Why didn't anyone check whether there had been any voting regularities in both Florida and Ohio? I know that there supposed to many voting officials across the country, yet still it strikes me as odd that in places like Florida (especially after what happened last time) which fell so easily to Bush, that there could not have been some dirty tricks. After all, the people who put the fix in 2000 are still in power over there.