Kenya : Kenyan invasion of Somalia assisted by US Drones

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    US Drones Coordinate Air Power For Kenyan Ground Invasion of Somalia

    By Finian Cunningham
    Global Research, October 19, 2011
    The large troop deployment by Kenya into Somali territory is taking on the form of a full-scale invasion, rather than a temporary incursion as initially reported.
    What is also emerging – but largely unreported – is that the US appears to be providing coordinated aerial firepower to help the advance of the Kenyan military against Al Shabab Islamic militants who have held power in the southern Somali territory.
    Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government, which was installed in 2009 with US support, has been battling against the militants for the past two years. Plagued by allegations of corruption and incompetence, the TFG has only managed to cling on to power in the capital, Mogadishu, thanks to diplomatic and military support from Washington and neighbouring US-allied countries, including Ethiopia and Kenya. Some 8,000 troops from Uganda and Burundi are stationed in Mogadishu to help stave off advances by Al Shabab from the southern hinterland where it holds sway.
    Kenya’s surprise military intervention in its eastern Horn of Africa neighbour on Sunday came only two days after the US launched deadly aerial drone attacks in southern Somalia. According to Press TV, the worst fatalities were in the town of Qoqani, 80 kilometres from the border with Kenya. Some 78 people were killed in that attack and scores of others injured.
    Qoqani was the first major urban centre commandeered by Kenyan troops – backed by heavy artillery, tanks, helicopters and fighter jets – within 48 hours of crossing the border on Sunday.
    Now as Kenyan forces move towards the port city of Kismayu – some 200 kilometers from the Kenyan border and the strategic base for Al Shabab – US drones are targeting what appears to be the next military objective.
    A US drone attack on Kismayu on Monday claimed the lives of some 27 people, including children, according to reports. There were also several reports of similar unmanned aerial vehicles crashing or being shot down near Kismayu, according to the BBC and Press TV. At the beginning of last month, a US drone attack reportedly killed 35 Al Shabab fighters in the port city.
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    Kenya's claim, that it's invasion of Somalia is a response to a few kidnappings by Somalis, on Kenyan territory is laughable. Can you imagine, a world in which, each time foreigners kidnap or commit a serious crime on foreign soil, their country is invaded? By that standard every country might have to be invaded!
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    Is this terrorism?

    Deep down in my heart, this is what I believe the 2008 elections was all about anyway...
    I believe these problems all started though, back around the time when the Cold War ended and the iron curtain came down, and 'they' cut the Red government out of the deals and agreements they'd been having since the World Wars. They broke long time agreement bonds with certain people in India in their so-called 'peace zone' and they cut deals with certain leaders in Africa and let them hanging and therefore 'they' meaning, the western powers, came up with a plan that involved the same kind of people over their that were perhaps done wrong to come over here and fight against the hostiles that they had suddenly dropped. That's is what I believe is apart of what is going on now.

    Because some of the factions and the same guys they went at like Aidid were done the same way in that they were brought over here to America and treated like they were the best thing since chocolate but when they ended the cold war, all of a sudden, men like Aidid went into a rage because they were dropped like a hot potatoe. I believe that the cold war ended because they had to rearrange their secret trade deals due to critical problems that revolve around natural resources and agriculture of which their wells were going dry and 'they' came up with other plans to save themselves but they stiffed the red government...but the BIGGEST LOSERS in all of this is The Black governments, meaning Black African-typed people all over the world, not just in Africa.