Black Spirituality Religion : Kemetic Spirituality Is Black Spirituality!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Kemetic Spirituality Is Black Spirituality

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

At a proposed Divine Black Afrikan Spirituality retreat, Divine Black AfrikanSpirituality will be reviewed in more detail and revealed Divinely Spiritual in-depth.

Today, because of the confused ignorance of Black Afrikans about our Ancient Kemetic Genetic Helix formation and indication, we Black Afrikans are now victims of that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being Religion and you can't become your original self not having command of your Divine Mind from which your Spirituality Flows.

Black Afrikans today, is all over the Mental electric out-put of confusion, we now infuse our Divine Spirituality with Lucifer Religion, drawing no distinction between the two mental actions of behavioral attitudes we express in our ignorant display of worshipping a God that has no Genetic connection to the Divine Mind that project your Divine Spirituality, your religious god, created by that white racist Human Being.
Kemetics is a direct indication of your Black Divine Originality, rooted in the base of your earthly location in a Land referred to as Afrika Kemet--Egypt, it's that whiter racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being that keep the non-thinking Mind of Black Afrikans locked in Religious confusion by having you to believe in a God that changes to fit your caliber of ignorant belief about Him, the "HE- GOD", that white racist unjust Luciferian Human Being who have you on your knees asking for forgiveness, Blessings, and for a pass that will allow you to enter His Heavenly Gates into Eternal Living of life.

Any Religion that plays with your mind like that, is undeserving to be your so-called savior doctrinaire, beloved Black Woman and Man.
Kemetic Spirituality is Divine Spirituality and is not religious spirituality, only Divine spirituality is using the Divine path of Rational Thinking, and to attempt to infuse, to integrate, to assimilate Divine Spirituality with Religious Spirituality, then you are being in disobedience to the Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Universal Kemetic Ancestors whose Spirituality is in strict compliance with the Divine Mind in charge of Guiding your Black Divine Body in the way it is to live life respectfully Divinely.

Without the return of the Black Afrikan Divine Spirituality, there is no Freedom Bell to ring in Afrika anymore, no United State Of Afrika Government to Govern Black Afrikans, and no Afrika for the Black Afrikans, no Reparation/Repatriation and most disappointing of all, No Freedom To Be In Afrika For The Black Afrikan Kemetian original Egyptian Black Afrikans.

First Seek You your Freedom Black Woman and Man and it is your Divine Mind that will have you back into relationship with your Divine Spirituality and such a relationship will have you to know, WHAT GOD THE DIVINE ESSENCE, IS, IT BEING DARK ENERGY INTELLIGENCE WHICH IS YOUR INTUITIVE SELF!!!
Divine Respect

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