Black People : Kemet Explained

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    I think this was the same youtube that bro. Chinelo posted some time ago. If it is the same one, I listened to its entirety. I thought it was really informative but I made some conclusions that I feel was just as informative.

    This entire research is entirely based upon White scholars and White British people. The documents and references provided are completely based upon White people's interpretations and published books of such documents that Black people rely upon such as 'the Book of hte Dead' and so much more. And this is absolutely the exact format considering the Bible too. There is no difference in the fact that all of us learned 'Black people' have to resort to somebody White whose script we have been forced to rely upon based upon the Slave Ship experience and English being are base language.

    One major difference from the Bible versus the documents this brother is relying upon is that they have not been made avalaible in the American system so that we can have ready access to compare and contrast what it says to other books that have been published on the same subject matter. Some of the White British people that first found these ancient documents were just rich White people who went to excavations, found the documents, laid claim to them, and took them 'somewhere' and to 'someone' in France or some eastern university person or have them translated into English....

    i believe that information was amazing, however, there are some major discrepancies in some regards of which i did comment on in the past thread. I believe though, that no matter what source we use, if we as Black people have a problem with the fact that our ancestors were completely dominated to the point in which the African Slave trade occurred for over hundreds of years, then we will not look deeper for ourselves to see where the trickery in ancient script began.

    All of those documents that were translated and the Bible came from ancient script of which was even created by date during ancient times when even Whites had already infiltrated Black Kemet lands. I believe we need to look at the dates and times and other issues before we can just believe what is being offered today, otherwise we could just be 'a White man in Black face' [or White woman in Black face] pushing material that is false and supports White Supremacy.

    One example was his mention of documents found during the lifetime of King Tut, and this was a time that Whites had been a major factor in that government and had been in Egypt much longer even before that time...all the way back to Narmer's time.