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    Beloved Mighty warriors:

    Please go to the link below and add your input to Mighty warrior Enensa Aunghk questions.

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    Goddess Auset

    I have two questions for you:

    (1) Are there any other sources than the Bible, especially those that reference classical African civilization or African life more recently, that can allow us to further answer this question?

    (2) I have heard (in some historical lectures, I can't recall exactly where) that women were the ones who originally came up with the polygamous system, and that in its non Islamic, non western forms it is even more disciplined.

    (3)The way it was explained to me, a man had to elevate himself spiritually and have his first marriage and family in order, before the wife would invite or allow another woman into the family (I have heard it said that oftentimes it is the woman's idea!). Women seem to have a great deal of more control in this context. Have you heard of such things? Could you provide me with more references?

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