Black Relationships : Keeping Things To Yourself

Discussion in 'Black Relationships' started by legit-writer, Nov 6, 2010.

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    A valuable lesson I have learned the hard way so many times.
    It seems that honesty isn't the best policy in other
    people's eyes, but in my world and eyes it is, but so far no
    one has really understood that or appreciated me for it. I
    find myself regretting it more and more. If a guy tries to
    holler at you and he is really persistent and yall cannot
    stand one another, and their partner wants to know about
    this and you tell them, but they do not know how to handle
    the information given to them, and then they go as far as
    saying they are tired of hearing about them and if they
    don't hear about them then they will feel a lot better, a
    lot less frustrated, less irritable and more confident in
    things between the two of you. And to find out that their
    confidence that they once had in their relationship has
    dropped is a terrible feeling for the other person to carry
    around and bear. Because of that, it only makes that person
    not feel comfortable telling the other person anything
    because they want to keep the peace in the relationship and
    that's just how things end up going, and folks wonder why
    communication remains to be one of the most difficult things
    to do to maintain a relationship of any kind. No one wants
    to hear or see the truth that is given and placed before
    their eyes. They don't want to see the fact that it takes
    hard work to keep things going the way it should go. Instead
    they rather see the greener side of things, when things are
    not always going to be that way because reality says that
    there will be challenges and obstacles that come our way and
    strong people fight through them as a team rather than
    divide and let those obstacles and challenges conquer. With
    that being said, until I find the right people who is
    willing to work with me and appreciate my honesty, then I guess the title of this thread will continue to stand tall.... Any opinions?
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    Sometime it's better to keep thing to yourself then let it be known
    and at other times you can share thing for advice or another point of view.