Black People : Keep Friends Close, Enemies Closer ?

Do you keep your enemies closer than your friends?

  • yes

    Votes: 15 27.8%
  • no

    Votes: 39 72.2%

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Feb 28, 2009
I subscribe to this kind of thinking Sis. Not literally in the sense of having an enemy all up in my space, but rather knowing/considering what may be their next move.

I suppose those who resent you may have some type of love/hate thing going on. They envy you, but love what you have and/or created.

Some just waiting for the opportunity to belittle you or strike you down in front of those who love and care about you. Causing this enemy to feel some type of false superiority over you.

You can never tell whats truly in the hearts and minds of a sworn enemy, nor the reasoning why they need to be up close and personal. But one thing about keeping them close in your thoughts is, you can almost always see them coming, and from what angle they'll plan their attack... leaving you to always be prepared and one step ahead.



I can totally agree with this!

“I have no trouble with my enemies. I can take care of my enemies in a fight. But my friends, my godd@mned friends, they're the ones who keep me walking the floor at nights!” - Warren G. Harding

LOL! And I can so relate to that!

Da Street So'ja

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Jun 11, 2001
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you make way TOO much sense

i always thought it was just one of those sayings that really didn't make much sense, but since it sounds catchy everyone uses it.............

my young brethren of course it doesn't make sense, it's obviously the mindset of the enemy. why would you want your enemies closer. YES YOU ARE RIGHT bro. Jahari it makes no sense. The is not in line with the african spirit.

And it's great to see a brother not falling for this crap.

that's why i nominated you for president 2012 brethren

ay you hit me with your email just send me a something to

peace pham

i know you know this bro. J, i'm just speaking in general, just because everybody is doing a certain thing doesn't always mean it's the right thing



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Dec 3, 2007
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I've heard this phrase before ... "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" ... but i don't agree with that.

Do you? If so, why?

Please help me understand why i'd want an enemy near me.

I want my enemies as far away from me as possible.

I'm so protective of my space and peace, i don't want anyone in it, that means me no good.

I'm often amazed, even in this community, that people who clearly do not like me, come here.

What is that about?

I realize that this is a collective effort, and it's not all about me (liking me is not required for Membership), but ... with so many other places to visit on the net ... why do they come here? I don't want them here, but the collective Spirit in me, requires that i be nice, kind, tolerant, etc., to all Sisters and Brothers ... but why do they come here? When they could go anywhere.

If i didn't like a person ... i'd not go around them. Period.

Do they subscribe to the enemies closer thing? Just wanting me close to them? :eeek:

Oh Gosh ... tell me Family ... what's up with the ... Friends Close, Enemies Closer thing?

I currently subscribe to the Trick Daddy and Lil Jon positioning :

If you aint no kin to me or friend to me, B don't pretend to be, (What!)

Do you subscribe to that kind of thinking ... keeping your enemies close to you?

Please vote in the poll above, and leave your comments below.

Thanks in advaince.



I don't subscribe to this type of thinking...

My phylosophy is this...

Enemies don't exist... If you beleive in enemies persay it is like submitting to fear in essence...

One of my favorite parts in the movie the Great Debators is the part when they are doing the speech exercise...

Denzel: who is the judge

Response: God

Denzel: and why is God the judge

Response: because he/she determines who wins or loses

Denzel: And who is ur opponent?

Response: he doesn't exist

Denzel: and why doesn't he exist

Response: because he a mere distinction of the truths that I speak

I would say that there are people with interests contrary to yours or mine, but when you realize just what god is then what you perceive as an "enemy" may just evolve into a mere reflection of the conciousness of choice....

in that light I would say that I would stir clear of negative influences...

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