Black Poetry : Keep Dropping

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    Keep Dropping

    Got a bazaar flow and like Chicago can be windy
    City with plenty witty verses, deserve the name many
    Times my words flame with slang divine got hang time like
    Mike Jordan wear five championship rings got live bling, hike
    And throw footballs like quarterbacks and slaughter the whack
    With touchdowns and search around for field goals and facts
    Then reveal souls, verbs unravel crew plus live on Third Avenue
    On the internet crave to post, gave up the ghost of having a crew
    Of rappers, I expand yall, plan tall, can yall read the label on this
    Jar? It’s able to scar my career up in here tried but not able to piss
    Alerter with words as a fast food worker urged not spread rumors
    Cause head tumors, fear and fury at the beer Brewery baby boomers
    Can get mad, write fine and make a nighttime foray with verbal attacks
    Firing rhyme, desiring wines, requiring mind to reply to these facts
    Got a load of pride and pilferage now in a roadside village shooting
    Stray raps, stay strap with a twenty two got plenty to do, saluting
    Microphones and recruiting domes to serve in my grop of troops
    This civilization needs an apology, liberation theology just loops
    Her arms around us in the brown dust of peace we can’t embrace
    Violence we need grace and silence guerilla warfare will erase
    Our existence, expressed my conviction want less friction from
    This dumb society, come in a variety of excuses ducking the slums
    Wish this verse was first and foremost a hardcore post that’ll roast reality
    Stats remain and that explain my undying love for a HIP HOP finale G
    I trip a lot into the valley of imagination for real rip shops leave a fatality
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    tis was fat stuff bruh !!