Black Poetry : Keep dimes and if yall want cheap rhymes write your own


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May 11, 2006
Keep dimes and if yall want cheap rhymes write your own
Because my type is known to have blown minds as shown
In my portfolio, guess my best bet is to try rip open brains
With choking flames, hoping to claim my Hall of Fame
This is some wet stuff I try get a bus really no direct train
To down town, look my life is above the boss rim and cool
Ready to swim across a pool like DIANA NYAD I rule
Firm with rhyme wanna car that can turn on a dime to
Speak is a phenomenon never cheap and common be true
And see through fake words, right now in a stopped position
Catching hot friction need some action just HIP HOP tradition
Things look bold so he took control of his entire life now duck
Fire and strife, desire a knife to cut through red tapes shucks!
Keep my game straight saw a dame with cake my aim is to get
A date body wet and nice no set price needs to get a slice yet
She play stuck up gonna need luck corrupt to get anywhere
Far as love plenty there and many stare at her body she aware
Boys try get some, she’s someone terrific daughter body in
A specific order, but wonder if girl giving her boyfriend
Some? He was in deep thought and street taught she had
A sweet walk gonna need unique talk to influence her mad
Beauty but glad to meet the cutie, but he don’t stand a chance
If he don’t make plans in advance, it could be love first glance
He don’t usually rap like this he wanna trap her with a kiss
Got a map and a list of stuff, this could be a shifty romance brisk
With a fifty-fifty chance of happening, he wanna win the race
And get some of her thin lace and begin to embrace her waist

Boo I want dust to fly in satisfaction while the bedsprings
Justify and action makes our kisses equal to legal true thing
Have to oil my words so the grammar don’t spoil my verbs
Kisser with a true flow, to whisper through the show is absurd
Girl you got a sweet romance got me jacked up by the seat
Of my pants, I wanna sit by lakes and git cakes from your sweet
Body boo and party too, need help let’s go felt a glow from
The bedroom and its contentment then went and spent a sum
Of money on a honey let the sex go well in a motel Holiday
Inn never sleazy but can easy get a new baby follows the way
Getting true gravy, what I see is fine had to look three times
Endurance is major to influence my behavior, fly quick with
Vampires and use dry sticks for campfires a very slick drift
Girl you a diva and sweet I’m a believer in the streets divine
And distinguish think you speak fine English you the sexy kind
But said nothing lock down like ALCATRAZ at sea but for
Me except for the help of an occasional kiss I feel as bizarre
As I ever did just being a clever kid my emotion forever
Skid down slopes of love and got big hopes in the club never
Looking back, use hair grease my perm is hot so I learn a lot
By combing my hair toning for an affair, my date confirmed or not?
My mind and your flirt collided now work provide in the bedroom
That awaits us and cake is a must can’t make a fuss about a soon
To, know my desire I’m blowing fire like dragons on Chinese
New Year it’s the year of the horse and I got a clear voice try ease
Your suspicion, if I git a little I’ll be as fit as a fiddle but the worse
Dame never leaves her purse on a train not worth the pain a thirst
For trouble but boo let me be the first to double your pleasure girl
You dressed to kill body built probably breast spill milk a world
Of sex await really some vexed cake so break me off a peace twirl
Cake so soft to feast you a chick my luck is groovy let me pick you
Up at the movie give you a ride on dubs and glide to clubs boo
Loving your poses got a dozen roses that’ll bring you flower
Power makes you a wild flower like NEW BIRTH then tower
As my girlfriend one shower make my world spin an hour
Under a stroke of soap in hope to get some so wash my back
Kiss your lips and we both jest fall on the bed”

“Naw player my body is a party jest eye candy for boys
And girls must know this don’t trust the glow of a kiss it toys
With our mind, you get wet satisfaction from my boobies
They like action movies a poking attraction some real doozies
My face legit but my lace don’t fit in bed with you at all
I think you drink rum and wine and use some twine to
Sew holes in your clothes, goes to clubs and find true
Boos, but will this fill the bill? Be thrilled to rap to a chick
May sound crazy know I’m brown gravy you try be so slick
Wanna speak to a certain girl on the street flirting curls while
Min-skirting hurls butt with pearls cut to fit her wild style
But it’s not me, I think you wanna kiss a dame but don’t
Wish to name which one but you itch for some a want
A kiss on top of that you know that’s a hot stat alone
I got smoking pies want me to open my thighs to bone
And hoping my replies will get me home but no dice

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