Black People : Keefe D And Friends Were The Only Ones Behind Tupac’s Murder? Lol.


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Sep 6, 2010
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Money B On Keefe D’s Arrest: "Police Are Involved In 2Pac's Murder"

Years ago I noticed that Vlad of Vlad TV (and his puppet masters) kept bringing people on the show who agreed that Orlando Anderson killed Tupac. And it was nonstop. They were clearly trying to convince people of this. And now look at this circus we have today. So, as quick as possible, without going into every piece of evidence, I’m going to show you that what you’re witnessing right now is a massive cover-up.

Here’s an example of the media being used as weapon in 1993:

1993 News Clip On 2pac Sexual assault

Here’s another video from the past:

Tupac Shakur Defends Himself Against Sexual Assault & Weapons Charges While Leaving New York Court

If you didn’t know, there’s clear evidence that actual informants in the rap game and the streets of New York were involved with Tupac’s Quad Studio shooting and rape charge; and actual informants in the rap game and streets of L.A. were involved in Tupac and Biggie’s murder. And if you have informants, you have someone controlling those informants, right? In addition, the L.A.P.D. and FBI were watching when Biggie was murdered, just like the Las Vegas PD, Hip-hop Cops (from Vegas or elsewhere) and the FBI were watching when Tupac was shot in Vegas.

You can look into the murders of other artists in the music industry and you’ll see a clear connection between the music industry and intelligence agencies; the same way you see it with Hollywood. And it’s not even just with murders; you also saw it in the situation where Suge Knight, Irv Gotti and J Prince tried to form a union. And you really see it in the entire life of Michael Jackson. And to be exact, it’s actually a connection between the Jewish community and intelligence agencies. FYI: They’re all in the comments sections all over the internet manipulating your beliefs from behind fake profiles, even on websites that you need to sign up for like forums.

Note: When watching videos on this case be careful with police testimony and with what the media presents. And take the facts without taking the speaker’s narrative.

Let’s begin...

Big U Reacts to Keefe D's Confession About the 2Pac Murder (Part 9)

- 1:42 – The deal was that after they caught him with pcp they “allowed him” to say what he knew about Tupac’s murder in exchange for dropping those charges. They “allowed him”? That should tell you all you need to know about Vlad. And if you think for yourself you can read between the lines and see what really took place. And Keefe D went on multiple platforms confessing and saying they were responsible, and that Orlando did the actual shooting – the same belief Vlad has been trying to push heavily. This implants in your mind the belief that they were the only ones involved, no FBI or police.

Keffe D Believes He Can’t Be Arrested For 2Pac's Murder, Believes He Has Immunity

Keefe D: After the 2Pac Incident, Puffy Called and Asked "Was That Us?" (Part 18)

In this next video I want you to notice how 2 years ago it was Orlando Anderson who did it, and everyone was so sure of it. Even the informants said it. But now it’s Dre who did it? So, it looks like the informants were made to say it was Orlando back then. Think about that.

Deep Dive: Las Vegas PD Knows Who Killed 2Pac, So Why Won't They Close the Case? (Part 7)

And did you notice the FBI surveillance the previous year?

A Member Of Death Row Set Up 2Pac. Why Did They Point Out Orlando Anderson To 2Pac? It Was A Set-Up!

But those people from Death Row were connected with Puffy the informant.

Napoleon Shocked Big Dre Shot 2Pac Not Orlando Anderson: “Kadafi Did Say A Dark Skin Arm Shot 2Pac.”


- 6:02 - 6:12 – That was probably an F.B.I. informant working as a police informant who gave the police that information. And it was probably false.

- 7:49 – George Kelesis – now you’re getting to the real players.

- 8:02 – Removal of weapons/people with weapons or change of security – the same as the MLK, Malcolm X and JFK assassinations.

- 11:41 - 12:04 – A&E? That’s mainstream brainwashing. This was when they were trying to convince everyone that it was Orlando.

Tupac HOSPITAL Photo LEAKED Online...


So, the FBI is trying to blame it all on cops. Lol.

2Pac Was Disgusted By The Music Industry Before His Death! He Was Gonna Focus On Politics and Acting

Black Panther Jamal Joseph Tells A Story Tupac Told Him And He Was Killed Because He Was A Shakur

John Potash interview 1 - The War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders.

- 12:51 – “... by the multinational corporations who have a lot of negative intent on influencing the Black community for the worst.” FYI: This is the Jewish hate of Black people. See: The Hidden Truth of Black History below.

Tupac's Siblings Sekyiwa & Mopreme Shakur Cast Doubt On Keefe D Investigation

Additional information you should check out:

Hip-hop Head Shot

The Hidden Truth of Black History


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