Black Entertainment : Katt Williams: Keeping It Real

Katt Williams is on the right track. He has yet to uncover the fact that we, melaninated people are the indigeneous of this nation. Once he uncovers this fact along with the receipts that verify our true identity his statement will be fully factual and complete.

Like me, many of us have the necessary receipts that prove we are the indigeneous people of this nation (eg. historical and biological)

--We migrated from nowhere, because we were always already just right here.

--We were mis-classed as black, African American, Negro, Colored, mulatto, quadroon, octaroin. All of these mis classifications are racist as well as very much misleading and with mo significant meaning or merit.

--Many, not all of us, were plunged into slavery. Banned from learning to read, write, comprehend or understand WHO WE REALLY ARE. It took about 200 years (eg. 1690-1890) for the process of slavery to gel. Even to this day Hollywood continues to regurgitate) movies that incorrectly mis-class our true identity.

--Many of us are indeed the great grand children of the indigeneous people the colonizer/enslaver/oppressor were unable to destroy.

--Global White Supremacy/Racism is the engine that keeps our unjust treatment intact. This system of hate and injustice must be utterly destroyed.

Listen to Malcolm X --who knew how to discern the truth.



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