Black People : Katrina Victims and the Suicide Rate

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    Suicides Increase in the Aftermath of Katrina
    Hello All.

    A little over a week ago one of the Katrina evacuees, who came to Lansing and recently returned to New Orleans, doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire. Within 24 hours he died..... a suicide victim of Katrina. He leaves two infant children in Lansing. We mourn his death and know that he is one of many who are traumatized beyond life's desire.

    We still have many evacuees in Lansing. Let us not forget them. It is difficult to imagine what they are still experiencing, especially as they try to cope with our cold winter days and nights, with families and loved ones still scattered across the nation and with lost hope of returning to life as it was.

    Here are four interesting articles about the mental health and suicide rates of Katrina victims. The first three are links to articles. The fourth article is copied in full on this page. I thought you might find this topic distressing, but interesting.

    Barbara Mason

    Katrina's aftermath tough on mental health - Mental Health -

    Katrina's Emotional Damage Lingers

    Hurricane Takes a Further Toll: Suicides Up in New Orleans

    Michael Brown, Do You Care about Katrina Suicide?

    By Allie Deger,
    Wed Jan 4th, 2006 at 03:08:31 PM EDT :: Katrina

    On December 27, 2005 The New York Times ran a rather unsettling article concerning the sharp increase in suicide among those affected by Hurricane Katrina. The newly doubled rate has recently been propelled into discussion by most major news agencies, following the addition of the breaking double-murder-suicide of the Dearings, a North Texas family.

    Since evacuees were first herded like cattle into the Superdome, suicides among a group that formerly had relatively low rates have now climbed to the national average. Upon first glance this may seem like a low statistic (9/100,000 for Katrina survivors vs. 10/100,000 for the nation), but consider the broader picture: A given group, predominately African-American New Orleans residents who previously did not kill themselves, now do. Consider that the Dearing family was living in a small apartment with limited government assistance that did not contribute to the rent. Consider that the Dearings were going to be evicted from their apartment in only a week’s time.

    There were three suicides at the Superdome. 2.7 million are still without power. It is believed that the suicide rates will continue to rise during 2006. FEMA's "long-term" financial aid lasts … 18 months.

    There is an apparent correlation between what can be understated as a calamity and the recent influx of suicides. This hurricane, this ruin, has broken people. Is it outlandish to want to hold an official accountable? Let us revisit a few memorable words by the impeccably articulate Michael Brown "If you'll look at my lovely FEMA attire, you'll really vomit. I am a fashion god." This, of course was not in regard to the suicides that were concurrently taking place. This was in regard to his new dress shirt Brown was to wear on television.

    Michael Brown should be criminally charged for manslaughter due to his negligence, which led to the suicide of seven people in the four months that followed Hurricane Katrina. Instead, the former Arabian horse expert is out of a job, but CONTINUES to receive a salary of $148,000.

    Is this a proportional response?

    In peace,

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    Brother Money, great articles, great work!

    I think Katrina will ultimately emerge as the greatest trauma to the national African American community since slavery itself... For a one time event, it already is, but it's full impact just hasnt been felt yet... Thanks, Money!

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