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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Tell me beloved, what has happen to a people who once was the Mightiest, Bravest, Wisest Master Strategist in protecting the Life and Honor of the People now referred to as so call Black Afrikan American ?

    I ask such a question because I know whom we use to be on this Planet, as oppose to whom we have become to be on this Planet today, and the difference is as telling as Night is to Day.

    I ask such a question in view of how the Spirit of Black People have become today, as injustice is covering the Lives of the so call Black Afrikan in America, in Afrika, and where ever else we find our selves to be on this Planet, we are the only people where the less in number amongst us with a plenty, has a driving influence over the Many that has not enough to have a comfortable life living, and the many that do not have, look to the Less with Much to guide them, thus you have Black so call Afrikan People finding themselves being programmed to become self critical and charging themselves as being the cause for the Poor condition the black Life now experience in America, Afrika, and the world.

    I know, there are many so call Afrikan Americans that are willing to testify in support of America being the Best thing that has ever happen to the so call Black Afrikan American and the gall some of us have, to refer to America as being the Evil of injustice floating through the lives of Black people, and the few of Black People with a Plenty, will move to make comparison to the Lives of the so call Afrikan in America, regardless of economic Class, with the Afrikan in Afrika living condition, claiming that we so call Afrikans in America has nothing to complain about, as they make such a comparison in order to reach the conclusion that is favorable to the Afrikan American, such a statement prove that all of the necessary variables were not taken into consideration for the so call Afrikan American to make such a claim about the condition of the Lives of Afrikans in America and how proud we should be to be an American.

    Here we are as so call Afrikans in America, here of no choice of our own, not in control of a **** Thing, not even our Lives, yet we being told we should be proud to be in America when comparing America Afrikans living standards of all Class, with the Afrikan in Afrika living condition, not taking into account the Afrikan in Afrika potential to become the care taker of the Afrika Continent again and to become Unified Afrikans again, as oppose to the so call Afrikan American potential in America, which is depended upon the decision that is all Time Made by the people in control of America, concerning the Afrikan Life potential in America, so I ask, where is the Greater Life Potential Lie, for the so call Afrikan America ?

    Yet you have those so call Afrikan America Want To be Elites, telling Black People that our greatest Life potential is in America and Not in Afrika, just because the poach the Afrikan America Life live on in America, is a little more tidy than the House the Afrikans Live in, there being no controlling the House of America by the Afrikan in America, but in Afrika, all is needed is some House Cleaning and that House become the House that the Afrikan control, because it is only Lies with the intent to deceive the so call Afrikan in America, by claiming if Obama is allowed in those White folks House, it will become the House of the so call Black Afrikan in America, no greater Lie and intent to deceive, has ever been attempted against Black People in America than that.

    So, could the Obama Lie be a continue part of the Docile Process of Black People in America, could we be witnessing the Death of the so call Black Afrikan in America, with an Obama Elected President ?

    The Furor of Katrina which revealed the Docility of the Afrikan American, became the icing on our oppression, Repression, Persecution and Depression of the so call Afrikan in America, when a contrived act allowed the Victims of New Orlean Black Folks to die and suffer neglect and all of those Black Folks went marching as sheep being herded to the slaughter, all dressed in our suit of Docility, of Passivity and Complacency, never a rise in unity to voice and act out the frustration that has been allowed to rise in Black People by the Power of America, and you tell me that you see some Greater Good Potential for Black People to obtain in America, when we have been made to become Docile in our Life experience of Injustice in america ?

    The so call Black Afrikan has become the Walking Dead in America, we have been made to become a very psychotic Black People, acting as Children would be expected to behave under the authority of their Parents and in this case our Parent being America, the Parent of Black Folks happen to be the White Power of America, as we move about in America being told what to be Happy about and what not to be angry about in America, the sign of the Docile so call Black Afrikan America, now been made to wish upon a Star, not Realizing that the Star to know about, is about to implode, that Star once being the Divine Melanin Universal Being, the so call Black Afrikan Nation upon this Planet Earth.

    There can not ever be Liberation for Black People in America, thus not for the so call Black Afrikan Nation, not as long as we remain in our mental state of Docility, being told when our Children are dying an un-natural Death every day, to either March in Protest and Pray, or turn your Head away from acknowledging the Death of our Children, and the stream of Lies and acts of Deception being acted out to us, by those poor excuse of being Afrikan Leaders, they that cause the Docility of the so call Black Afrikan American, which now include all so call Black Afrikans, regardless of so claimed Idealogical and Philosophical Persuasion, Namely, Black Nationalism, Pan - Afrikanism, Garveyism and all of the Religious persuasion of Black People and the corrupt politicians, they that now hold the Mind of Black People under arrest, in a Passive docile state in America today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To Your Selves, Beloved.


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    I Agree

    with every word you wrote here. This seems to be such a sad time in our great story, it's as if we have given up and decided to make the best of an abusive relationship. We have all the signs of Battered Wife syndrome, right down to being afraid to leave, afraid to be without the trauma.

    Are we so brainwashed that we will watch or own genocide? Or have we simply gone to sleep to dream a better life than the reality that exists when we open our eyes? :qqb017:

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    "put your faith in jesus", "let go let god", "the law says ..", "it's against the law", "when jesus comes back ...", "gots to pay the bills", "get a better education to get a good job", "the face of fascism is now Black; give him a chance for change", ...

    "it's easier not to"

    is it "docility of the African in america"? or "mental laziness"? does one lead to the other? or are they both symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder? (could there be a variation of slavery that does not induce post traumatic stress?)

    plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose