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    intermediate idiot universal science illiterate
    karma is translucent...please consider it
    as fact before you sh it on it
    cause later u might feel that same stink
    and effervesce in the form of a resin session
    it's the same link that turns meat brown from pink
    it's the same link that dries up once abundant ink
    and also makes phat @sses sink
    circular momentum with the mass and velocity of a roller rink
    it's this same chink that rulers were dealt that was so heart felt
    it made their kingdom shrink
    just go ask napolean and multitudes of so called holy men
    how bad deeds sold them in to...fates sharp as ginsu's
    what goes around comes back's elemental
    not mental...not something made up to curse the worst
    before God created man...he created balance first
    thas why revenge is for suckers...cause time always tells
    and soft snot bubbles always dry wells
    do u durst venture any farther thru the depths of many hells
    knowing that u were a sh itty father?
    can ur present time stream handle it
    knowing u treated ur seed like a piece of sh it?
    there is no stopping the whip in the slave pit
    and there is no stopping the fire ritual after the ember is lit...
    please remember this in times of agony and bliss
    or feel the steely grasp of karma's indiscriminate fist....