Black Entertainment : Karen Melina White admits Divorce

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    Karen Melina White admits Divorce

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    Karen Melina White is along time actress in the entertainment industry. She has many credits to her name and much success. Karen to many has the girl next door charm but with a street edge along with an awarding winning smile. The description above may have been the key elements to her marriage to Malcolm Jamal Warner. ******************* was able to catch up with Karen as she was leaving a play that she is in currenlty. The title of the play is called Men Money and Gold Diggers and ,it is touring across the country. ******************* ask Karen a few a questions and took the photo below. When the question was asked if she was married, Karen said no. ******************* then ask if she was every married to Malcolm Jamal Warner and she said yes. The question must have brought painful memories because when asked how long she was divorced , Karen replied , “Long enough”.

    People are wondering did Warner have a wild party lifestyle and, Karen could not deal with it anymore. does recall taking a picture of Warner in a local DC night spot called Bar Nun on open mic night. Warner had a drink in one hand a few babes in the other. ******************* has several photos below.


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