Black People Politics : Kamala Harris Says She's Ready To Be President 'If Necessary'


Jul 2, 2003
Vice President Kamala Harris said Friday that she’s prepared to assume the presidency if needed, but Americans definitely shouldn’t expect that to happen.

“As it relates to me, I’m ready, if necessary, but it’s not going to be necessary,” Harris, 59, said on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt. “Joe Biden and I are running together, he as president, I’m running as vice president. In 2020, millions and millions of people voted for this ticket. I believe they will do so again.”

Harris’ remarks were in response to questions from NBC News reporter Peter Alexander about Biden’s age, which he noted Republicans have “repeatedly mocked.”

Those concerns should have been tamped down by his performance at Thursday night’s State of the Union address, she said.

“I think that if there’s any question about President Joe Biden’s ability to do the job and do it well, ... the vigor and passion last night dispels any notion of that. He is committed. He is passionate.”



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