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Feb 7, 2004
K-Light Publishing is my own independant publishing company for my works. I initially published my first work entitled “Pulling No Punches” with another company named “Brothers and Sisters Unity Corp”. Understanding the importance of being able to put forth our own works with complete control over our works, I formed my own company and began publishing my own works. As such, I have been responsible for my own writing, editing, cover designs and the entire project from beginning to end.

I am proud to have been able to release my second work entitled; “Pulling No Punches The Religious Factor” and will shortly release the work of Sister QueenTswana entitled; “50 Questions Every Christian Should Ask Themselves About The Bible and More” which will be released with a CD enclosed that is entitled: “The Anti-African Reality of The Bible“. This is a whole new approach and marketing technique I will be embarking upon with the release of her work. Below is a photo of my first book, my second book and Queen’s book. Like anything worth while, it is both a labor of love and of pain as the process of marketing and promotion coupled with distribution takes place.

As I am nearing the release of her work I am in the process of another work, hopefully in conjuction with another member. Remember, “if we are to rise, we must do for ourselves what we have been conditioned to rely on others to do for us. Hetep ! (Peace)

Keita Kenyatta


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