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    JUSTICE =Land & Capital: Its Just-US that don’t Have it: We Need Ham (Land) and Noah (water) with some light and air.

    By Andre Austin

    (This is the post South Carolina 9 Massacre writings. This nightmare on 110 Calhoun street we will try to prevent this from ever happening again)

    The Supreme Court has stated several times that Taxes are the life blood of the government. These Taxes benefit Corporations over poor people. They serve Caesar and God; with God/Gov usurping God in his false image and Corporations as Caesar in their fascism style of government producing an oligarchy of the few owning and ruling the masses. Those living below the poverty level are powerless against the government/corporation subverting people’s property and wages. The lifeblood of the people is land/money which can’t flow without the oxygen of ownership. The Criminal justice System is a racketeering operation to tax poor people into impotence. The Educational system is a tax system to keep poor people in ignorance and debt. Land is the foundation of freedom and institutional racism are termites in that foundation. We are now Mayors and police chiefs in our communities being modern day Overseers of the masses of the poor. They are being paid to see that we stay bottled up in containment in our wretched condition. They are modern day Paddyrollers crushing out the political and economic aspirations of the masses. With their elaborate spy system is designed to know everything you do and say not for your protection but for our control. The enemy is working night and day to take our houses and land so that they will control our freedom. The Caucasian don’t want to give reparation to us because the current living didn’t enslave and blacks sold eachother across the river. But what about the Jim Crow that lasted between 1865-1965, or the policies to destroy the black family which is an Adam/AtumAtomic bomb when united, can’t forget all the 4,000 lynching’s and castrations. What about that??? You gonna pay one way or the other. Its justice or else.

    Claud Anderson put it well in his book Black Labor White Wealth:

    Strategy II: Wealth and Capital Formation

    “Centuries of compulsory black pauperism have created a power imbalance between whites and blacks. Dominant white society possesses nearly 100% of the wealth and the tools for accessing and amassing wealth. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., recognized the importance of the relationship between wealth and racial equality late in his career. He told the Southern Christian Leadership Council [SCLC]: ‘American society must have a radical redistribution of wealth and economic power to achieve even a rough form of social justice. We must recognize that we can’t solve our problems now until there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power’. Until the wealth imbalance is significantly reduced black-white racial strife will continue unabated”. (Black Labor White Wealth (1994), p.179)

    Louis Farrakhan is hosting the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March (MMM) on October 10, 2015 with the theme of “Justice Or Else”. A branch of the AME, etal is assisting him with this upcoming rally. The Nation of Islam (NOI) has taught its followers Land is the foundation of freedom. The NOI puts its money where their mouth is buying up farm land as Shepherd feeding their flock reversing the Black Church of having their flock feed the Pimp Shepherd. Justice or Else is nothing new because I uncovered a similar theme from a 1968 book. The cry for of the black Muslims is nothing new. I dug up a similar quote in Eldridge Cleaver’s famous Soul On Ice p.127book first published in 1968. Under the chapter of Domestic Law and International Order cleaver writes: “ The Black Muslims raised the cry, WE MUST HAVE SOME LAND!” “SOME LAND OF OUR OWN OR ELSE”. The acquisition of land is a basic foundation of freedom and money is the life blood and oxygen for survival.

    Farrakhan has a prerequisite for his students to attend the MMM is having them read Martin L. King last major address to the SCLC from which I quoted from Anderson’s book partially.

    Originally I was against the 2nd MMM due to the reckless pronouncements and remarks of Min. Farrakhan. I reversed my decision due to the June 17 Massacre of the South Carolina 9 church members by a racist, misguided white youth. When individuals, peoples, Institutions and groups are waging warfare against the Blackman we must close ranks and set aside personal disputes temporarily or permanently. We can’t be like the Civil War fighting in the Confederacy & Union as collaborators and pawns in the game. My attendance is up for debate. White racists want to sabotage or quest to procure our own 40 Acres and a Mule by their violent tendencies and radical statement is nothing but dust we will just brush off, turn it around and make it enhance our efforts and produce our demands with credibility in our own way. The NOI should have taken notes from Malcolm X when he established a political/economical wing along with a religious wing so that our quest for freedom can take off and fly with two wings and several functioning engines on them. And act the same time we can rebuke the Haterology of Farrakhan at the same time. Leave all the hate in Mary’s Tower. We don’t need to talk about the Jews having slave ships lets be like Noah and build an Ark modeled after an ancient Egyptian Ship and engage in international trade. The first thing I want to do is port in Cuba and get me a Cigar and then sell some super seeds to my brothers in Africa to save them from famine.

    We are all saying the same thing but its just said in a different way. We don’t need to talk to eachother in coffin boxes but let us take the Egyptian word “Tebd” which is used, meaning box, chest, coffer, and applied to a ship. Noah was Nun or water in the Nile that overflooded depositing Ham=black soil on their land for crops to grow. Now if the water got 15 cubits high (Gen 7:22) we were saved from Famine if it got too high or below we were under famine. I’m talking the same thing George G.M James wrote in Stolen Legacy That many Black Nationalists cite in their own books. So we need land to save ourselves and be the foundation of freedom. Lets reenact the Old & New Testaments that was parables and allegories of Egyptian mythology that had roots in their agriculture society for our benefit. You say the original Jews were black and that explains the plagiarism they took from the ancient Egyptian. But mimicry is a sign of flattery and must not be used against them for hate. And we can’t take our own Ethnic self-hatred because it often takes the bizarre form of a racial death-wish of the mad-dog butchery of black on black crime. Because the price of hating other human beings is loving one-self less.

    Moses was an Egyptian priest and his first followers were Jews and Egyptians. He led his people to the Promised Land. We have to promise ourselves some land and have a Type Joshua take us there. Wherever Joshua (Salvation) was in distress he took the form of the Egyptian Shu who god help hold up the light of the sun and moon. Well that’s what we do in Luke 17 when Jesus (Joshua) comes like Noah (Nun) and we are to be on the housetop with our oil lanterns or candles On (sun/light). This was nothing but a replication of the Egyptian creation myth of Nun spitting out Ham (black land) and have the sunlight beam on it. And all of the seeds we plant on our own land will be our foundation of salvation and freedom. Lets make our own groceries post up like men and women like we supposed to be. We blacks have yet to practice capitalism. W.E.B. Dubois once said in Atlanta in 1915 that: “Capitalism is like having three ears of corn: You eat one, you sell one, and you save one for seed for next year’s planting” And by the way God is a man and woman like the ancient Egyptian religion taught because you can’t plant the seed and fertilize it and not be Bi-sexual symbolically. The Black Church can’t act like J. Edgar Hoover , even though he was a homosexual, one of his favorite political tricks was to label an enemy homosexual bring down social, political and economic isolation. Don’t forget the devil did the same thing with the eyes of Ham. They do the same with our precious eyes too in 2015. But Hollywood still has us rolling are eyes and buying elongated shoes and eyeglasses and spending billions on other Ethnic groups hair. Don’t curse yourself; bless yourself.

    We can’t get into the Willie Lynch, ( in part based on the writings of The Peculiar Institution) Syndrome of the disease of division especially when we talk the same language whether it be archaic, ancient, or modern. The antibiotic to Lynch sickness is UNITY. Lincoln said we could never liberate ourselves like Toussaint because we had no system of communication within ourselves. We make the mistake of depending on the national media of CNN, MSNBC to be our national drum, but they go from one crisis to the next without sticking to our master plan of liberation. So what, well we got the binary codes of 1 and 0’s and can talk to eachother through the internet, emails, cell phones, but we just have to make use of it before and not after we are in coffin boxes. We can exchange letters, phone calls and meet at a Table. But we can’t to this if we can’t turn on the water, turn on the gas, ride our own planes and ships. We need our own Blackstar line like Marcus Garvey said who was the first to popularize that we were somebody. Will we unite and take freedom in our own hands so lets get on a symbolic ship of UNITY not a spaceship or a UTFO that’s nothing but a Zodiac sign. Lets get the Colored Methodist Episcopalian (CME) let get the African Methodist Episcopalian (AME) lets get the Baptist. Let get the Prince Hall masons, lets Get the NAACP, Black Actors, Black Youth Black Sport figures, black convicts and Police and all others black organizations not mentioned but most importantly Poor black people who have been made invisible.. Unfortunately, some of the blacks will stay on their Slave Ships. And that’s okay because we move on to be International Blackmen.

    Just like the white people reenact the Civil War, (because they want it back), we gonna reenact Noah, Ham and Moses and Joshua learning from the mistakes of the past. The curse was supposed to be on the Amorites also known as the white Hyksos. They were in the tribe of Canaan and the curse was turning them black from white. And the Jews forgot some of their own history. The Black Nationalist know about the Hyksos because they wrote about in their own books I’m forbidden to mention in Volume 1 p.308. And where an ethic group grew the wealthiest off of slavery in South Carolina on p.127 But anyway, you know they say money is symbolic of water and knowledge is symbolic of fire. Lets unite all the original 4 elements earth, air (oxygen), fire and water and use it to liberate our bodies, minds and souls. Beware of those who reenact the Civil War because they are headed for doom just like the Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire who snatched up all the Messianic Militant leaders bodies and turned them into a hybrid of pacifists. However the mask is coming off and we know what they are and what they are not. We know who were wearing Roman wigs of white wool and who had the original nappy hair of wool like Ham did. Delilah will never again cut the dreg locks of Samson (am/Sun on/sun) and take the power away from his light. They use to cut off our hair then on the slave ship but not now and we sure **** will refuse to let them cut off the truth. We are the electricians seeking justice Or else we turn off their lights and cut their tree down. And we know who was Caesar’s Messiah and who’s the real Messiah towards the liberation of oppressed people. I end with a quote:

    “A ship lost at sea for many days suddenly sighted a friendly vessel. From the mast of the unfortunate vessel was seen a signal, ‘Water, water: we die of thirst!”. The answer from the friendly vessel at once came back, ‘Cast down your bucket where you are’….Cast it down in agriculture, mechanics, in commerce, in domestic service, and in the professions”- this was Marcus Garvey’s inspiration to own his own vessel. This speech was from the great Booker Taliaferro. Washington who didn’t mind getting an education in a stable or hen-house. Now a days we can’t even get half of the High School kids to come to school under fans and air-conditioning, because 50% of them drop out.

    We are warning the government of the United States of America to give us Justice or Else. And here again Booker T said it best “Nearly sixteen [now 45 million] millions of hands will aid you in pulling the load upward, or they will pull against you the load downward”. That’s Justice or Else in a different style of language but we dig and understand.