Brother AACOOLDRE : Justice can't sleep Forever

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    By Andre Austin

    Justice can’t sleep forever. 46 Commutations is just a hollow down payment and just a small mustard seed compared to a zillion cubit feet sky rise Tower of injustice afflicted upon since we been here formally starting in 1619. A pardon would have erased the big red stain of C being placed on the foreheads of freed convicts standing for Criminal, Conviction, Contamination, Contempt of those now inmates trying to Come Up from the Slavery of an outrageous and unfair incarceration.

    We are reaching the boiling point of no return to destruction, discrimination and disgust of all the 400 years of dehumanization here in the wilderness of the Confederate States of America

    How long will the Blackman stay asleep to the gross injustice ingrained upon the mind, body and soul by outside forces from and within ourselves. Your 40 winks are now up; get up out the bed.

    Liberty or death is coming near to the tip of our tongues. But don’t put yourself in a position of abuse where there is no stopping point of Black rage that will be exploding soon upon your front lawn. The blackman has been snoring for too long. And the cancer of the snake is growing in the grass near you, at the ready like a sting ray wanting to puncture your blood vessels.

    Yes you have a snake growing in your belly, coiled up and its named injustice. Its growing like a cancer and the doctor wants to cut it out. But you refuse to take the Doctor’s advise and cancels the operation. Now comes the undertaker to place injustice in its proper abode.

    A funeral procession of marchers have invaded the capitol in DC to give injustice its proper funeral and eulogy. There will be no singing and holding hands:

    There will be No buck dancing

    No partying, No shooting dice

    No weed smoking or drinking beer, And no candle light visuals.

    Only a harmonious chorus of singers chanting for Justice, now or never, do or die, all or nothing and we are taking no prisoners even among those who are sleep walking.

    I say it will be Justice or something else. Something that’s strange to the enemy of freedom’s DNA.

    What is the difference between death and Sleep??????

    One is an eternal predicament while the other is just temporarily being unawake. The hibernation is over it ends today. I’m finna throw away all of my Tylenol blue sleeping sedative pills.