Black People : Just Who Is Looking Out For Our Best Interests?


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Aug 9, 2003
If there was and is something that characterizes the mainstream media: We too are presumed and assumed to merely be reflections of extreme takes on everybody and everything...

Dare I to suggest that's far from the truth?

Instead, the premise undermines any attempt of rational people to make peace, engage in mutually respectful dialogues and debates, even above and beyond unquestioned support of abortion on demand or no exceptions for even rape victims to halt an unplanned pregnancy....

Some other folk actually have undermined our actions and thinking, etc., for the sake of promoting some interest groups agenda, whatever the merits of the cause, etc.

I. e., we have been reduced down to 'correct' takes on everything, to just being spectators etc., hence the very notion of 'getting involved' (actually doing something to make a difference) is merely considered an option, not always necessary...

More the the point:

I have yet to hear or read either party saying what they intend to do about the plight of this nation's have nots anymore...

All I have heard or read notions of promoting folks right to just get rich, i. e., 'live the American Dream', whereas one party would dare to cut benefits to the poor to balance the U. S. budget...

My and the point:

Where has the very idea of looking out for the best interests of 'we the people' disappeared to?

You tell me!

^^^Relax and clearly explain the topic please.[/quote

The party line, be it the either mainstream party's agenda/rhetoric/etc., is related to who are really working class folk striving to be a part of the middle class and/or mainstreamers...Poor folk have been more or less neglected or folks both parties would like to forget even exist!

So much for the other past sales pitch, i. e., 'send me your poor, etc., striving to be free'...

No, only come to this state, if you're an job creator, already well educated/well off/etc.

In other words, you are welcomed to provide opportunities, which us for the sake of appeasing our stuck on 'stupid' voting base, did or do accept cutting of badly needed support to our less well off folk, for the sake of lowering their property taxes, i. e., all the while wasting the nation's resources to protect it's nation's rich white status quo, particularly in the old world nations which have big crude oil resources etc.

Why else did Bush Senior run out of Kuwait (once a province) and/or Bush Junior send in U. S. led troops to actually topple Saddam Hussein?

So there are obvious reasons our issues/problems/etc. on the homefront go neglected, while that so called 'war on terror' is also being 'lost', overseas...

In relationship to our folk:

This nation's agenda doesn't advance our best interests...

Whether Obama or Romney becomes the nation's next president:

That might not change...

Just what are the standards we (the people) judge these latest candidates for the president and vice president of this nation on the basis of?

To say the least, even the motives of the media pundits, etc., are subject to our criticism and scrunity, i. e., who dare to talk down to us, like we were born 'brain dead', put it all on the level of popularity contests, don't seem or sound like they even know what the issues/problems/etc. we're concerned and worried about...

Some 'experts'...



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