Black Money Business Jobs : (just try)anyone know anyo one whom i can send these designs to ?

Discussion in 'Black Money Business Jobs' started by Auroraflower, Aug 13, 2008.

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    MM... HI ..


    i might give it a try ,
    i,m auroraflower..

    and i am looking for people or a company whom i can mean sumthing for....
    the gift that God gave me ...i am creative in arts and crafts..
    with my hands.....

    the only problem is that i dont always have the material....

    one of my desires or wishes is to make some clothing designs to come to life...

    if you guys ,fam might know somebody ...
    i can send some of the idea,s over the internet...
    to you ,..

    or adresses ar also welcome.......

    thank you veryy veryy much..
    God bless you.....
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    hi there are many ways to start a buisness Or make money out of your talents . even if you have little or no coinage.

    If you dont mind me saying your making the classic mistake that a lot of skilled would be entrepenuers make . And that is to sit and wonder who it is that's going to help YOU!

    If you truly believe that you have something special go and meet or email Companies that are already sucessful in your field. The reason why they are sucessful is because they are able to provide clients / customers with "product/s" that you create
    and they forever need people like you to make them even more sucessful. So dont be afraid that they will turn you away.

    This can work for you in two ways

    1. if you sell them Or give them rights to one of your creations you WILL get a fee. agree on several purchases until you have the coinage that you need to become independant. Then become independant! you should also by then have an idea how marketing for your product works.


    2. If find you happy supplying then your already where you need to be .. make longer term plans and enjoy.

    Main thing to remember is never go cap in hand ..always go with a sample