Black Poetry : just to get by

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    Just to get by

    Just to get by, overnight, tell me I ain’t grinded
    I walked down a road five years blinded
    Never timed if, I had the gift; I just had to find it
    Soul searching, first I admired moves from books
    Till I start fishing with my hooks
    Girls never gave me looks
    It’s amazing how many numbers I put in my book
    Giving me digits, sometimes I licked my sweat cuz my lips was chapped
    Meanwhile, ****** watching my calls like phones tap
    Tried to ruin my credibility, stomp on my facility
    By any means necessary, evading pressure with agility

    Just by the words I speak, I don’t work I don’t eat
    Homeless man with no limbs, how he hold his **** to leak
    Must pee’ed on himself, in life I peed on myself
    My rhetorical self, work got old a book on a shelf
    Moving, making moves on fools, but I was the fool who got used
    Getting mentally bruised, scratching my scab, still getting used
    At work, my job description only justifies the this zone alone
    Got me working harder for the corp., becoming a corpse at my home
    Meaning that I’m dead, unconscious to the punches
    Neglecting my gal, money got to stretch like lunges
    School lunches, used to pack, brown paper sack
    Fast money got me wanting to sell them plastic sacks
    Faster stacks, more than minimum wage, big business
    Lord be my witness, a lot of ill moves I witnessed

    In school, cats cheated to get by on some tests
    To make me feel good, motel rooms with big breast
    Growing hair on my chest, dismissing the rest
    Too caught up in sex, money spent on pest
    Bothering me, on hard, gotta smash the rest
    I can’t stop, the magnum theory gotta be the best
    But that’s that, it’s just nature till you let it take you
    It’s a god-given joy but it don’t make you
    A bigger man, cuz I came, what happens after I’m done
    If I had a baby, would I stand handcuffed or would I run
    If I ran, I’m just a shell of a man
    A mere peeling off the sycamore’s pecan
    If I stay, what would our relationship be
    I’m not your man, you tempt me, hot my temperature be
    Feeling empty, cuz I can only send ends
    I just can’t resort only to being friends
    I had no friends who had 3rd letter lits
    I was always peeping Arabian transportation thru your outfits
    No foot fetish but I liked that toe
    I disrespected many women, behind your back you was a ***
    In yo face its love, that miracle love buzz
    I was still adolescent relationally, still had peach fuzz
    On my heart Teflon style
    Climbing an endless ladder escalator style
    Just to get by
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    dis was on hit felt it through and through
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    this was str8 tight...
    feelin yo vibe..